Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad news, more kind of bad news, good news and some kind of good news

Last week we showed our home twice, both times the people liked it but they were deciding between three homes, I guess ours didn't make the cut. We keep praying that someone will come and fall in love with it, we realize it's not perfect, it's definitely got that lived in feeling, but we would like to think that it would be a good family home for someone with a big family. Please keep praying with us that it will sell this week. The home we really want is contingent on our home selling by May 31st, after that we will have to renegotiate with them to give us more time. It's so hard to live in a home that you need to have show ready at any time. At least they have to give a two hour notice to show it, that helps some.

The pictures above are from Luke's Orthopedic Dr. appointment at Children's last week, can you tell we were bored?? That is where the good news and kind of bad news comes into play. The first Dr. that saw Luke said that the only surgery that he would suggest would be one that would permanently bend Luke's knee's by cutting some tendons in his quads and reconstructing his knee pads. I was feeling a bit stressed after hearing that and mentioned that I wouldn't want to do anything permanent at this time, that is when he suggested doing some x-rays. The x-rays brought some good news along with another Dr. the one we were supposed to see, he said that Luke's knee's and hips bones actually still look good, they are both rounded, quite often in kids like Luke the bones get flattened and that is when they have a challenge fixing them. He said that he felt that if we could get Luke's muscle tone issues dealt with either by upping his oral Baclafen or putting in the Baclafen pump, if that didn't work, he felt like we could still get those knee's bending without any surgery. That has been our goal recently and we really need your prayers that God will miraculously reach down and touch Luke's legs or He will help the Baclafen start to do it's job.

The really bad news came on Tuesday morning when we got the results from the x-ray of his lungs that I had taken him into to get on Monday. You see last weekend Gordy had a rough time with Luke, I had gone away for two nights with some friends for some much needed R & R, that means some sleep and while I was gone Luke had a terrible weekend. He was very congested and had a high heart rate and needed to be on oxygen most of the weekend. I decided that since we needed to get a follow up x-ray done before next week, when I take him back to the Pulmonologist that I might as well get it done to see if he had anything brewing in his lungs.

The kind of good news was it didn't look like he has pneumonia, the really bad news is that his lungs have not improved and he still has the atlactis, which means his left lob is still collapsed. I was devastated when I heard this because I know Luke can't continue to be this way and I'm not sure what the Pulmonologist will say next week when I take him in. I'm not trying to borrow trouble but I do know that the horrible "T" word has been mentioned as one of the ways of getting rid of this problem. For those that don't know the "T" word is trache, I don't feel I can go back to that again. PLEASE pray with us that when I take him in on June 3rd he will be miraculously better. I realize that I've asked you to pray for two miracles in this blog posting and I know that I serve a big God who can answer these prayers, so I want to thank you in advance for lifting these prayers up to God for us.

So in a nutshell this is what I'm asking prayer for:
Luke's legs to bend either miraculously, which is what I'm hoping for or with the oral baclafen, not having to get the pump.
Luke's EEG is scheduled on June 1st, he will be spending 24 hours in the Hospital, please be praying that he will have no seizure activity show up.
Luke's collapsed lung to get better and for his appointment with Pulmonologist to go great on June 3rd.
Also for Izzy, she had surgery on her hips on Friday, please pray that she will have a speedy recovery and will get to go home from the Hospital tomorrow.
And last but not least for our house to sell this week.

Luke's Mommy Suzi


Amy Marie said...

Ohhh those are such good pictures mom!! Super awesome!!

Lindsey and Santana said...

I am praying for the right buyers, praying for those knees to loosen up and praying for those lungs to recover! I love Luke and you so much! You have become a great part of my prayer life! ((hugs))

alane said...

I love the pictures of you and Lukey! I remember when my friend (who has two little kids) was trying to sell her house last year and there were a few when I rushed over to help her clean when there was a last minute showing. That must be stressful having to keep everything neat all the time! Praying that God brings just the right buyers to your house and that it sells quickly. Also praying for Luke's knees and lungs.
I discovered the following song last week and it has become one of my favorites. It made me think of Luke and I thought it might bless you too. :)

jodi l. pesicka said...

Sorry about the news and I know you did the trache before but honestly it has saved Justines life. Between that and the vest. I heard the vest company has a program to help get the vest you might check into it. Also before justine got the trache she used a back pressure mask to make resistance and force the airway open with her albuterol and flovent. You might ask the pulmonologist when you see him if you have not tried it. Talk soon and always praying, Jodi.

Kate said...

Got it!!! We will be praying for ALL of those requests! Thank you for listing them again at the bottom of the post - I was going to read back through and make notes, but this made it easier. :-) I should probably do that on some of Noahs posts.

Just remember that we are rejoicing when you rejoice and grieving along with you as well. We will hold these requests up before the throne and can't wait to hear how the Lord responds.

Great pictures, btw!


Letherton said...

good luck with the house we have been trying to sell ours for almost a year

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Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
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Thanks :)

Michelle said...

Suzi, When Emily was Luke's age she was very similar. We've had the T word suggested as well. But let me tell you what God can do! Emily has bronchiectisis in both lungs. This means pockets of infection, always there. She's had some really awful illnesses. But you know what, since she got diagnosed, and even after a number of images over the years showing it is still there, she is doing well. The older and bigger she gets she has done better. I think you guys are just about to turn the corner like Emily did. Luke is just about that age. Look up, your redemption draws nigh!


PS LOVE those pictures!

Teena said...

praying Sue. Just seeing this ... a week late. ugh. Praying for his lungs.

give him a big hug from me....

praying for you too~


Anonymous said...

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