Saturday, August 07, 2010

Have you ever told yourself, you just can't do "this" anymore?? Don't believe this lie.

Lately I find that I tell myself, "I just can't do "this" anymore," I begin to believe this HUGE little lie, UNTIL I remind myself that I surely can't do anything without God's amazing strength and power I then remember that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHEN'S ME, Phil. 4:13. Needless to say things have been so busy and stressful lately that a person without God's amazing strength would find it impossible to go on. Our house has been on the market now since the end of April, with little calls here and there to show it until this past week we've had 7 showings. We've lowered the price again and now are asking $25,000 less and still people don't think that they can live with on busy road. Or wish the house was in perfect condition for a home that is priced just under $200,000. Do you know how hard it is to live in a home with 7 people and to keep it in perfect condition at all times?? Gordy and I have finally come to the place where we've decided if it doesn't sell by this Monday, which is the day that our offer on the place we were hoping to buy is expired, we are then going to take it off the market for awhile. While it is off the market we will pray for God's direction in which step we are to take next.

Here's Luke when he was in the Hospital for his 24 hour EEG,
he got a precious visit from the sweetest dog ever.

As mentioned in my last post Daniel is marrying the love of his life Sarah on August 22nd. Therefore we have been very busy with moving him into his new home, Bridal showers for Sarah, getting all our clothes bought, bringing all the details together for his wedding and then separate reception later in September. Along with another big wedding today for two very special people in our church, Amy and Joshua are both in the wedding and we are helping wherever they need help. Can you say busy??
Here's Daniel and Sarah on the day they became engaged.

Amy was the Assistant Directer at two weeks of Church Camp and is going again in two weeks for one more week, of course it is the week before Daniel's wedding, so both her and Natalie will be coming home from camp on Saturday and then almost be going straight to the rehearsal dinner that night. We are also trying to fit into our busy schedule our annual church camping trip next weekend which of course we have been planning to go to since last May, whew, it makes my head spin just thinking about all we need to do to get ready.

Here we are on our 4th of July camping trip to the Oregon Coast

I'm extremely thankful for the fact that Luke has been doing so well. He has not had pneumonia all summer long, this is a HUGE answer to prayer, God knows how much I can truly handle:-] I just took him into the Dr. and we've decided to up his baclafen some more to see if he is able to handle it without becoming too sleepy. We've also been slowly upping his seizure med, which I'm not sure if I'm liking it as he seems to be having more episodes lately then he was before we put him on this med. The Dr. said they want us to get him to his full dose before we decide whether to keep him on this med, I said okay, but if I don't see less episodes I'm taking him off the med, it's not good to have him on something that is making him worse.

Here's Zeke and Luke with their faces painted like soldiers,
by soldiers at the Air Show we went to last month
Well as usual I've talked your ear off, so sorry:-/ I hope and pray that the next time you tell yourself that you "just can't do "this" anymore" you remember to call out to God who is so generous with his amazing help and strength, He is faithful and will get through anything you are going through.

Love y'all,
Luke's Mommy Suzi
Here is a picture of the day Natalie and I took a hike up at Mt. Rainier.
That day was a
gift from God, the sky was so blue and the Mountain was majestic!


Anonymous said...

Sue - thank you for this encouragement :0) So easy to get into that mode when we're thinking about all we have to do in a day!! God loves that you are leaning on Him. I can just hear him saying GOOD GIRL SUE!!
Thanks for the post - I've been checking and just knew you've been so busy it probably leaves you little time to even sit in a chair much less blog.
God be with you as you continue your journey in serving and trusting Him in everything you do.
Stevanie Sweet

Teena said...

so good to see an update! Thankful Luke is well!

sounds sooooooooooooooooooo busy!

praying with you about Luke's meds.


Christine said...

Selling a home in this market is nothing short of a miracle. Hope you see that miracle this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I don't know you but always find encouragement and strength by your great faith. What a wonderful mother you are and God is so proud of you and your trust. God is good and someday we will see his perfect plan and we will all jump for joy! thank you for being an inspiration for so many.
love, ann, your sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

Thanks Suzi, I needed that reminder! I've had one of those days today where I just want to disappear, and feeling sorry for myself that I'm all alone without friends or family to help sometimes. I just feel a bit overwhelmed :( thanks. Love you! So glad to hear Luke's lungs have been clear, what a blessing!

Love, Jenni