Monday, August 23, 2010

Here are a few wedding photo's taken with my phone, I'm sure better ones will follow.

What a beautiful wedding! The Lord cleared off the clouds during the ceremony, no rain, Praise God, it had been forecasted to rain all week long. Everyone looked so beautiful, the park was beautiful, we had a very blessed day. The only thing I would of changed is it to be a little warmer, the wind was very cold at times.

Here is the last photo I have of Sarah Larson before she becomes Mrs. Searles
Here is Sarah walking down with her Dad

There were a few funny momentsSuch a beautiful couple
It was a beautiful day, at the beautiful Scenic Beach Park

The first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. Searles

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Searles
The Reception area was just so old fashion, matching the house it was in.

Here's Luke trying to stay warm
Here is a picture of the Emel House where the reception was held

Our newest family photo with our whole family, we are so blessed!!
Rehearsal Dinner at Black Bear Diner
Dad holding Luke at the Rehearsal dinner

The only stressful part of the day is when we got there and realized that we had left Luke's wheelchair stroller in the back of our little van, we had taken our larger van so that we could get everything transported out to the park. Yoli saved the day, she went to our house, out to our shed in the back and got out a old wheelchair stroller, it ended up working out okay, but did give me a few minutes of extreme stress.

I promise to post some more pictures when I get some of the professional ones back.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

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alane said...

What a beautiful couple and what lovely wedding pictures! So glad everything went so well. Congratulations!

Janeen said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love the brides dress, with those shoes!! Very cute! Glad it turned out to be a beautiful day for the entire family.

Anonymous said...

How do I find you on Facebook?