Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blessed Beyond Belief

I am blessed by the out pouring of notes and money that is coming my way for the Mom's of near drown children retreat. It so exciting to see that so many people are wanting to make this weekend a very special one for the Mom's that are coming. I got a call today from one more mom today asking, if we still had room for her to come. She said that her sister called her yesterday to say that she would like to bless her by buying her a plane ticket to come, I was so excited to say that we do have room. She e-mailed me within the hour of her call with her flight information. So we currently have 11 Mom's coming, that's including me. I've been working on bringing together all the details for the weekend and I'm happy to say that things are coming together quite nicely!

This past week has been extremely busy for me, God has been opening doors for me to speak to different groups and this last week I actually spoke at two different MOPS groups on, The Lost Art of Hospitality or the KISS (Keep It Spontaneously Simple) method of Hospitality. It was so exciting to share with these mom's tips on ways to make hospitality a easier possibility in their homes. I was also asked to be a part of a Pierce County Leadership Developmental Disabilities Training, which is an great opportunity on ways to become a better advocate for Luke and others in the Developmentally Disabled community. This class meets one Saturday a month and of course it was this past Saturday, which made my week even more crazy busy.

Wouldn't you know it at the beginning of the last week Luke got very sick, sicker than he has been all summer long, it began on Sunday the day I was having all my children over for dinner to celebrate Amy's Birthday, by that night Luke was doing horrible, his oxygen needs were high, his heart rate was high, his fever was high, he basically was alarming pretty much all night long, I didn't get to bed until 5:30 a.m. when Gordy took over for me. Of course that Monday was the day that we had to make Luke' s formula, he only had one day left from his last batch, so I was running on little sleep, but with God's amazing strength I was able to get through the day, Luke seemed to be doing a little better that day so we decided not to take him into his Dr., but that night when his fever hit a high of 104.2, I was kicking myself for not taking him in earlier that day. We prayed and after a few hours of crying out to God, along with some ibuprofen his temp went down along with his need for extra oxygen. Tuesday morning I decided I better take him in to the Dr. after the Dr. listened to his lungs he said that he actually sounded pretty good, no pneumonia Praise God, but he did think he had bronchitis, this is a first for Luke, so he put him on a antibiotic and he has been doing great ever since.

Please continue to pray for all the details to continue to come together for the Mom's of near drown children retreat, especially be praying for all their children to stay healthy so that they will all be able to come knowing that their children will be safe while they are gone. Once again thank you for your faithful prayers and for all of you that have given money to make our retreat be amazingly special.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Teena said...

how awesome... praying.

thinking of you....


alane said...

Praying that you have an absolutely wonderful and relaxing weekend as you bless this other moms with such a much-needed break! Blessings!