Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank you for your prayers, Luke's surgery went great and he is doing so much better

We really appreciate all your prayers for Luke!! His surgery went great, the Dr. was able to do the Laproscopic procedure. Praise God. The surgeon told us after it was all over that he really felt like we made the right decision in choosing to do this surgery for Luke, I guess his gallbladder looked like it had some adhesions on it, perhaps showing that he had some trauma which could of been causing him pain. He also mentioned that he had one of the smallest bile ducts leading into his gallbladder that he had ever seen, once again confirming the fact that we had made the right decision. The surgeon was pleased to see that Luke doesn't have any scarring or granulation from past surgeries, I mentioned that perhaps all the Hyperbaric treatments that Luke has had over the years have helped keep him scar free.

Here's Luke meeting the Mariner Moose shortly before he was discharged from the Hospital.

The only major concern after the surgery was the fact that we couldn't get Luke to wake up after it was all over. I waited for awhile to be called back to the recovery room and finally asked to be taken back there. I sat by Luke for 3 hours waiting for him to wake up, I'm pretty sure they over medicated him. I kept telling the nurses in the recovery room that Luke can not be woke up when he is over tired and since he had not been sleeping well the last few weeks he was exhausted. Thankfully the head nurse decided to call the floor to see if we could transfer him over to his room, they agreed so we finally made it to his room 4 hours later. He slept another hour or so before finally deciding he would wake up.

Here's Luke right after surgery in the recovery room sleeping away

Once we got him settled into his room and answered all the registration questions I went to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria since I had been up all the previous night and had only had a bagel that morning around 5 am, I was famished. Of course while I was gone he decides to finally wake up after being asleep for over 6 hours. I stayed with him that night in the hospital getting him back to sleep shortly after 1 am when I finally could not keep my eyes open another second. I slept like a rock on what felt like a rock, those hospital chair beds are very hard, until the surgeon came in the next morning during his rounds. He was pleased to see that Luke was doing so well and happy to hear that he had only had to have two doses of ibuprofen to keep the pain away. We went home that day around 3:30.

Here we are shortly after being taken to his room on the Med/Surg floor. I had to have a picture taken with me in my Mom's of near drown group shirt, a lot of my nd mom friends were all wearing their shirt that day to show their support of Luke being in the hospital.

We were blessed to be at Mary Bridge the day that some of the Mariner's, along with the Mariner Moose and Rick Rizz the voice of the Mariners came to visit the hospital. Luke seemed to enjoy meeting the players and seeing the Moose. I think I was more excited about the fact that we would be leaving once we got back to the room to be discharged. Though the care at Mary Bridge is always great, there's no place like home.

Finally he's awake, I was able to get him up for a short time before they began his constant feeding schedule. The one objective we had to accomplish before he could be discharged was to be sure he could tolerate his feeds so that he would not become dehydrated when we went home.

After dinner I sat down to read Luke and Lily a book and just couldn't keep my eyes open any more I was past exhausted. I went to bed and went to sleep early while Gordy took over the first shift of the night for a change. Thankfully Luke is doing so much better lately at night and during the day. His need for extra oxygen has greatly diminished, his heart rate is back to normal and the tremors he was having are almost completely gone. Which once again has reconfirmed in my head they were caused by the fact that he was in pain and discomfort, which breaks my heart to think that he was suffering for so long. We are still going to take him in on Monday to have his EEG done to be sure he is not having seizures.

Here's Luke taking a picture with Michael Saunders the Center Fielder for the Mariners.

I'm looking forward to getting Luke back into the Hyperbaric chamber later this week, hoping that it will help the healing process along with the scars he has from his surgery, also hoping it will help with his sleeping problems and his lungs. Next week he has his EEG scheduled on Monday and then the next Monday he has his surgery and pulmonology follow up. Then to top off all those appointments his Pediatrician wants me to make a orthopedic appointment to follow up on his hips, which seem to be dislocated right now, I'm definitely not looking forward to that appointment. Never a dull moment that's for sure!

Once again thanks for your prayers, they were so appreciated and needed:-)

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Teena said...

Always praying! Thanks for the update!


LDLlady said...

You always look so radiant regardless of what's going on in your life!!! It must be a God-thing!
I'm happy to hear surgery went well and Luke is back home again!

Anonymous said...

Great ,great great great , Luke is a fighter , so great to see

Anonymous said...

Praise God everything went well !
Sue, a lot of times you think you're complaining. I don't see it way. It's a good way to unleash your burdens and rely more on God. I cannot think of a better family for Luke except where he is now. God bless all of you always. Ken

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue this is such a praise to hear!!!! We are rejoicing with you and continue to pray for Luke's COMPLETE healing!! LOve to you all from the Hurtado gang