Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Please pray for Luke's MRI to go smoothly today, for him to start sleeping better at night, for his seizures to stop, for his knees to bend . . .

Sometimes it is so hard to blog, especially when I feel so defeated and down. I know that God has a plan for all of our lives and I trust Him no matter what happens, but some days my faith feels shaky and the hope that I desperately hang onto feels almost gone. I know God's word tells us not to be anxious about anything, to trust in the Lord with all of our strength and not to lean on our own understanding, but some days this is so hard to do.

In a few hours from now I take Luke into the hospital to have a MRI done on his knee's, the thought of having to have him sedated for hours during this procedure sends chills down my spine. I debated long and hard whether sedation was necessary, but after talking with tech that will do the MRI it was decided that if Luke moves at all the MRI would have to be done over again and putting him into that machine another day is just not acceptable to me.

Here I sit at the computer knowing that I will need to get up in a few hours to get ready for another day spent at the hospital, another day putting Luke under sedation, another day of having to put all my trust in Jesus to bring him through another procedure, another day of pure boredom, another day spent away from my other children, another day . . . You may be saying to yourself why are you awake Sue? The answer is because Luke is still not sleeping, he's back in his room as I type this wide awake, yelling for me to be by his side, I have prayed with him to go to sleep, I have begged him to go to sleep, he just doesn't even seem tired at all, it's so frustrating. I know that once he goes to sleep his oxygen numbers will plummet for this is usually what happens once he's out for the night. So what's the use if I go to bed now I will just be up soon with his alarms going off, yep it's frustrating to say the least, especially since I have to be ready to go to the hospital in about 4 hours.

Please won't you pray that Luke's knee's will still have good rounded cartilage on the end of the bones so that Luke will be able to have the knee surgery that will once again allow his knees to bend. I realize that God could just make his knee's bend and we wouldn't need this surgery, that's my first prayer, but for some reason God has not allowed his knee's to bend now for 7 long years. The bigger and taller he get's the more challenging it is to carry him, to put him into the bath tub, to get him into his car seat, to find a wheel chair stroller that will accommodate his legs and to take care of all of his needs. We will find out the results of the MRI in about 2 weeks when we go back to his Orthopedic Dr.

FYI: Luke has a GI appointment on Wednesday afternoon, I hope to hear that they are happy with his weight progress, though I'm thinking they probably won't be since he is still only weighing 50 pounds. Luke has also been having more seizures lately, I've called the neurologist office and we are currently playing phone tag, please pray that God will either stop these seizures or we will be able to find a medication that will help stop the seizures without all the horrible side effects most seizure medications have.

Thank you in advance for your prayers,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

Praying for your son!

Anonymous said...

I know you are so tired....Praying for both you and Luke.

Abby S said...

Praying for you! Love & God's Peace, Abby Spaulding

Teena said...

Just stopping by to tell Luke HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

praying for you.

much love,

Anonymous said...

since we've been prepping for and on the road to san antonio I just got this post. I'm agreeing with you bagging the Lord for the rounded cart. to allow for the victorious knee surgery! Anxiously awaiting the results of the MRI! Love and Blessings to you all!! Mary