Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Update in Pictures, Enjoy:-)

Here's Gordy and I waiting to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, sitting in front of a HUGE fish tank in Las Vegas

Gordy and I visiting the Hoover Dam

The Belagio Gardens were amazing
This picture was made out of living flowers, it was gorgeous!

 I got to meet Cierra at the Belagio gardens for lunch, had a great time spending the day with her and her precious kids
Here we are standing in front of a 3 story tall Crystal Chandler in the Cosmopolotian Hotel, no words can describe how beautiful and amazing it was.

I was blessed to meet Austin, so similar to Luke in the fact that he too was 17 months old when he had his near drowning accident, such a sweet precious guy.

Austin and I really connected the day I spent with him, what a joy it was to visit with him face to face:-)

 Here's Luke the day he spent in the hospital during his Baclafen pump trial, we will meet with the surgeon in a few weeks to discuss whether he is a good candiate for this surgery. Both the Dr., PT and I all felt like we definitely saw some good results from the procedure.

 Gordy and I took the kids to the zoo recently, they had a great time playing on the toys and seeing all the animals:-)

 Our family was blessed by Startlight to be chosen to Ride the Duck in downtown Seattle, we had so much fun riding through the streets of Seattle blowing our quackers, singing songs and hearing all the fun stuff about the city of Seattle.
 Our family up in Seattle last weekend, we had a great time walking along the waterfront and eating at Ivars for dinner.

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Michelle said...

Hiya, nice to see an update on you guys. Luke is looking so grown up lately!

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