Friday, June 22, 2012

We finally did it, we set Luke's surgery date for his Baclafen Pump

Gordy and I finally made the decision after much prayer and counsel, to have a Baclafen pump put into Luke, so I just scheduled the surgery this week for that to happen. It will be on July 11th, our hopes and prayers are that this will allow Luke to loosen up, so that when he has his knee surgery done the medication will help to keep his knees bending and loose, along with his other muscles too.
Here's Luke after his recent appointment in front of the gorgeous rose garden at Mary Bridge Hospital
 It's been a challenge to figure out the right time to do this surgery, as we are anxiously waiting the arrival of our two grandbabies in July. Natalie is due July 1st and Sarah is due July 24th, my hope and desire is that neither one of them will go into labor while I'm in the hospital with Luke, that truly would be devastating to me.

I'm so happy to tell you that Luke has been doing really good lately, he went to see the Pulmonologist yesterday and they asked me why we were there, I had to tell them because they had requested we go back in 3 months, it was so good to tell him that Luke has been doing so good lately. He has not officially had pneumonia in over 4 month and hasn't been on a antibiotic in at least 3 months. What a huge blessing it has been to have him be so healthy, I could really get used to this:-)
Lindsey & I in Arizona
Meeting Santana the for the first time

Amy and I had a great time on our trip to Arizona, I won't lie it was a really, really, really long drive there and back. But we made the best of it by driving down the California coast, stopping to walk over the Golden Gate bridge on the way down and visiting the Hearst Castle on the way home. Our time in Phoenix was amazing, it was so good to meet Santana and his family, I so enjoyed getting to hold him on my lap, praying with him and treasuring the time with him there, along with the time I spent playing with cars with Tyree, visiting with James and spending time with Lindsey. The Foursquare Convention was absolutely great, it was a time of refreshing for my soul, I loved each of the Speakers and the time of worship with Matt Redman was absolutely life changing.
Amy & I visiting the Hearst Castle in California
 The week I got home, I had a baby shower for Natalie, what a blessing it was to have 27 people shower her with gifts:-) She is now officially ready for her little Abigail to come. We finished up our homeschooling for the year, except for the test we will take next week. I took the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge, we got a smashing deal through Starlight, too good to pass up. Currently Isaiah, Ezekiel and Lily are over the mountain visiting there Aunties and they are having a great time in the sun, where it's actually summer weather. I will be picking them up on Sunday after I get done with the Homeschool convention I'm going to down in Portland this weekend.

The kids and I getting ready to leave the water park after spending 8 hours playing
Please continue to keep Luke in your prayers, so that he will stay healthy, for this surgery to go smoothly, for peace for my heart as the thought of another surgery is soooooo hard for me, and for both Natalie and Sarah to deliver healthy babies.

 Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS Just wanted to let you know that I've decided to walk/jog/ride my bike in a marathon I'm doing on August 11th. I'm going to be raising money for our 3rd Annual Mom's of Near Drown Children Retreat in October, more details coming soon.


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Anonymous said...

Very cool pictures, and good news on Luke's health. I will be praying for all to go well with the pump, the babies, etc., etc.!


Michelle said...

Hi Sue, Hope Luke gets his pump between grandbaby arrivals! Emily is set for surgery on her bowel in July also. Probably after you guys have come and gone.