Sunday, March 10, 2013

A whole year of pictures to share with you on Luke's 10th Birthday

Today Luke turned 10 years old:-) I thought to celebrate his day I would post some pictures from this past year of his life because sometimes a picture can speak louder than words.

Luke was pretty proud of himself when he actually helped blow out the candles on his cake, first time ever!
Luke waiting to be seen for an Speech evaluation

Dad and Luke on Easter
Here is the whole family on Easter

Luke and I at the Daffodil Parade in Orting

Luke and I waiting for Dr. Cooper

Luke during his baclafen pump trial

Mother's Day weekend in Seattle
Luke at a Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese
Luke's picture drawn at Chuck E Cheese

Luke checking out Abigail the day she was born

Luke sick with pneumonia again waiting for a prescription after a Dr.'s visit
Luke, Lily and I at Amy and Lance's wedding

The whole family at Amy and Lance's wedding
I love the expression on Luke's face
Luke at the beach in Oregon in September

Luke, Ezekiel, Lily and I at Mo's Restaurant in Newport, OR on August 30th 8 years after his accident
Luke, Lily, Isaiah and Ezekiel at the Heceta Head Lighthouse

The Kids at the Tillamook Factory in Oregon on our way home
Luke watching the fish, his favorite thing to do while waiting for another Dr.'s visit
Luke getting ready to go into the Emergency Room, his Dr. thought he needed to be admitted for pneumonia

Waiting to be seen in the ED
On our way home from the ED, thankfully the Dr. didn't think he needed to be admitted

Luke and the family after I got done doing my marathon walk/bike ride to raise money and awareness for our year Mom's of Near Drown Children retreat
I pushed Luke the last mile and here I am celebrating the fact that I am finished

Lily reading a book to Luke in his new bed, which was generously donated to us by Lindsey and James Black

Luke hanging out with Penelope on Thanksgiving

Luke waiting for yet another Dr.'s visit

Zeke helping Luke open one of his Christmas presents on Christmas day
Lily, Luke and I sitting at the table playing a card game at our Miller Christmas Party
Luke waiting for yet another Dr.'s appointment
Luke sharing his balls with Abigail

Lily reading a book to Luke in the PICU, she was still had a cough left over from the horrible flu that hit our home

Everyone visiting Luke once he was out of the PICU, it was nice having everyone there
Finally going home after being in the hospital for over 2 weeks, what a happy day that was:-)

Some of our family at Gordy's birthday party in February

Luke thinking it's funny that Penelope is trying to grab his feeding tube, I on the other hand was trying not to freak out

Luke loves having his nieces near him
Luke at yet another Dr.'s appointment, notice no oxygen, one of the few days he's gone to the Dr. without it this past year.
The kids and I on Valentine's Day, Luke first time out of the house without oxygen, for that matter the first time going anywhere besides medical appointments in months.
See Zeke cheering Luke in the background we were all excited to see him actually try to blow out his candles this year.
Most of the guests at his party
Double the blessing, double the fun

Luke loved touching his new cars blanket, thank you Rodriguez family

Mom helping Luke show off his new Avenger squish toy that lights up

I love this picture of Luke looking over at Penelope


Skinners said...

Great pictures! Love ya'll :-)

Jean said...

Sweet pictures! Happy Birthday, Luke!



Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man Luke has become!, and how exciting that he helped blow out the candles for the first time! What a praise! Thanks for posting all the pics! We really enjoyed. Them. Love you all!, Mary

Teena said...

Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing.