Thursday, January 09, 2014

FRUSTRATION is the word that keeps coming to my mind today, as Luke is still dealing with high fevers and not seeming to get better

Luke at one of his many visits to the hospital
Fevers Luke's fevers are almost constantly above 102 and often above 103, we continue to give him Ibuprofen and Tylenol around the clock, nothing seems to help. I keep hoping we are not doing damage to his kidney's.
Respiratory problems continue, he is on at least 3 to 5 liters of oxygen all the time, still needing to be suctioned and coughed often.
Unsure if we are still just dealing with the FLU or if he's contracted a secondary infection as his white blood count was double on Tuesday of what it had been on Sunday when he left the hospital.
Sleep deprived, that explains exactly what Luke is as he has not been sleeping good since they took him off the the ventilator, sometimes he goes 30 hours before sleeping, Gordy and I are also very sleep deprived too as we have been having to keep his meds and suctioning going around the clock.
Totally not sure if we made the right decision to bring him home on Sunday from the Hospital, it seemed like the right thing to do that day since his fever had come down that one day.
Really high heart rate, Luke's heart rate has continued to stay high, which we are sure is a result of his fevers and pain, though we're not sure where the pain is coming from, which is so hard!
Action vs. non action, do I keep pushing Dr.'s and the hospital to do something or do we just have to wait out the flu, which I've heard can last at least two weeks.
Trying to be patient today as I've waiting all day long for a call back from his Dr.'s office to see what we should do, if anything new.
Increased muscle spasms and constant jerking, Luke looks like he's in constant pain and discomfort which is so hard to see.
Ongoing this sickness seems like it's never going to end.
Not wanting to give up on God, though can I be honest to say at times I wonder if He's really hearing our prayers. I know that's crazy and NOT true but I'm just keeping it real:-/  I'm so thankful that when we are wavering in our faith we have so many people that stay strong to carry us along.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he gets better soon. Sounds very challenging. I'm glad at least that you're updating your blog... Keep us posted.