Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Luke is once again back in the hospital needing your prayers

I just wanted to give a quick update on Luke as I lie on the fold out couch in his hospital room. Luke's pediatrician and I decided after dealing with 19 straight days of fevers and then recently dealing with Luke's constant twitching and moaning in pain that he needed to be admitted into the hospital to figure out what is going on.

We got to the hospital around 5 pm on Monday evening and I was once again doubting that I made the right decision to bring him in since his fever was gone and he seemed to be doing a little better. They did an X-ray, bloodwork and swabbed his nose to try to get some answers to what is causing the fevers and pain. Thankfully his X-ray looked about the same, no worse, his bloodwork came back improved a little bit also. And then we finally got results from the nose swab late this afternoon, good news the flu is gone and no new viruses showed up, Praise God.

The Dr. decided that we should spend at least one more night here to see if we can get him more comfortable with no more grimacing and constant twitching. He's doing good tonight. His heart rate is lower than it's been in weeks, I'm pretty sure it's the tordahl they are giving for the  pain relief. He's still on quite a bit of oxygen so we need to get that weaned down.

Please pray that the constant moaning, twitching and pain he is showing to us will be gone and for his oxygen needs to get better. I had orginally planned to make Luke's food formula tomorrow since he is currently finishing up his last bit from the last batch we made. I'm thanking the Lord for Amy who volunteered to make his food along with our good friends Laura and Bonnie and of course with Isaiah and Zeke's to help get it done without me.

I'm so ready for Luke to be healthy again and for us to get home, please pray it happens soon!

Thank you,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Teena said...

praying with you and for you! Ready for him to be well again! Much love to you.

Life just continues to speed by... I pray God gives you strength and peace through this journey.

love you

Abigail Spaulding said...

How is Luke doing now? Praying he's better!
Love and God's Peace, Abby