Thursday, April 14, 2005

Luke is scheduled to get his Trach out on April 26th

Today was a blessed day. I received a call from the pulmonologist office asking how Luke was doing with the capping of his trach. I told him that he is basically wearing it almost all day with the exception of some suctioning from time to time. She decided that since he was doing so well that she would schedule Luke for a bronchial scope on April 26th. If all looks good they will then take out his trach. I can’t even begin to believe that I’m finally saying these words and yet I can because I know without a shadow of a doubt that God is going to completely restore Luke back to the way he was before the accident. After I hung up the phone and called Gordy to share the good news, I broke down and began to give thanks to the Lord. I felt such an awesome presence of God and was filled with His joy and peace. I would ask that you would specifically pray that God will keep Luke healthy, that I will continue to believe that God is able to allow this to happen and not doubt that it will and that everything will go smoothly on April 26th the day it is scheduled to happen.

Just so you know we will go in at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday the 26th, they will have to put in an IV, which I’m not looking forward to and then once he receives a breathing treatment with a numbing product they will put him to sleep to perform the procedure. If all looks good they will take out his trach and if he handles it okay, they will admit him into the Hospital over night to keep an eye on how he handles being without a trach. Needless to say I’m not looking forward to a overnight stay in the Hospital, but I know that with God I can do all things because he gives me the strength to get through them.

Luke is having another good week. He is taking his food so much better in his g-tube and he’s doing so much better with his arms relaxing. We are getting so much more of his nuero program done now that we are more scheduled during his days. He seems to enjoy all his exercises and is getting so much more flexible the more we do them.

Gordy and I were talking the other night about all that we have to be thankful for and we began to realize it we are so extremely blessed. Let me challenge you about something that Gordy and I learned years ago about giving. When God lays it on our heart to bless someone financially we are always excited about doing it and this past week we were blessed to get a good income tax return, so we decided to bless some people we know. Needless to say we were once again blessed with a large check from some dear family members, we jokingly, but very realistically said that we just can’t seem to give our money away because each time we do God always blesses us with more. You should try it yourself you will be amazed at God’s goodness to you as you give.

You are amazing to us as you continue to lift up our Lukie and family to God in your prayers each day. Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of Luke’s miracle.

Love in Christ,

Luke’s Mommy Sue


Julie in NC said...

Sue, I was up very early this morning and Luke was so on my heart. Your day started very early with a voice of prayer. I will come and write you a little more later. We love you so guys so much and we are so excited about Luke getting his Trach out!!!! Our Lord Jesus is such a faithful God! Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Anonymous said...

We have been so thrilled to read your posts and this one is especially exciting! We'll continue to hold Luke and the rest of your family in our prayers during this time, and always.

The faith and the strength of your family radiates with each posting - thank you for sharing with us!

-Sherry and family

Keith said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Luke. I just began reading about little Luke's ordeal and am hoping for all the best for him and you with all God's blessings.

Loni said...

So thrilled and praising God with you to read of the good report and will be praying with you that Luke's trach will come out and his tremendous progress. We understand the hospital stays - and know too, that God can allow this as an opportunity to share Him no matter what the outcome is! Thanks for sharing! :) Loni

Teena said...

PTL, we are so very happy about the trach. We will be praying! PRAYING....

thank you for sharing your heart with us. I am so very honored to be a part of Luke's healing!

Like Loni said.. I know hospital visits are stressful (nothing like YOU know) but God will use all of you... and AGAIN you will touch lives!!!

we love you~
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Hi Gordy, Sue, and company!
It's been so long since we've blogged, I almost forgot our password!

That's awesome news!We'll pray that Lukey will adjust smoothly to the absence of the trach, and that his breathing without its assistance will be music in your household!

By the way, you may have heard in our last prayer letter, but we're going to be returning to the US on July 12th. We'll be in Tacoma for the rest of July, and then moving to Orlando, FL for a 10-month training program starting in August, before returning to Japan later in 2006. So if your "cross-the-country" trip can take you as far south as Florida, it would be fun to see you there!

We're excited for all you guys in the progress that Lukey's made!


Cam and Kristen
Connor, Michael, Elisa, and Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

Lukes Dad testing anonymous posts.

Anonymous said...

Luke's Dad testing anonymous posting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We're so excited for this news! Thank you for being such an incredible blessing in our lives.
We will continue to pray for continued recovery for Luke.

We sure hope you can come to Columbus on your trip.

Pastor Brad, Cheri, Reagan & Bailey Melton (Jesse & Rebekah's GA Pastors)

Pam&Hal said...

What good news! Yeah Luke. Your observation about doing good circling back around had me thinking of the children's song..."Love is something if you give it away, it comes right back to you." Love to all, Pam

Julie in NC said...

Hello Little Luke, I hope and pray that your week has been one of great blessings so far! I have missed writing to has been so busy. We got a new roof on our house last week and we have a repair man doing some odd things that needed to be done so our home has been upset a little. It has been a little hard to get school done and hear each other over all the banging that has been going on. Sue, I guess I understand a little better how life may be for you with others in and out of your home. That is not easy to do with all the children home too. We have still been praying for you each day and will keep on doing so. Much love and prayers, Shane, Julie and Children