Tuesday, May 10, 2005

God Answers Prayer!!!

On Saturday night Luke began to run a fever of 102+. Around midnight Sue blogged asking you to pray for Luke and also for Daniel who was going to Scotland on Monday. In the morning we didn’t know what to do, should we take Luke to the doctor or just wait it out. We prayed and asked God for wisdom. After praying we decided to call Luke’s doctor and do what he suggested. We expected that he was going to have us go to the ER. Much to our surprise he did not seem too alarmed and said to keep him home and watch him. After church Sue and the kids went out to eat and I stayed home to care for Luke and try to get him to eat. It seemed like every time I would give him just a little food via his feeding tube, he would spit some up. I was becoming very concerned about Luke not taking his food when Sue and the kids got home from lunch. Sue decided to try and bolis feed him and he took a full feeding. I sat there amazed that he was taking the food, I had struggled to get him to take less then half of a feeding. By early afternoon, Luke’s fever had disappeared and he was looking much better. We believe that this miraculous turn around in such a short time was the result of everyone’s prayers. Thank you for praying.

Also, Daniel and the GTC team left for Scotland on Monday afternoon. They will be ministering in the Glasgow area for the next 2 weeks. Please pray that God will help them to see the people of Scotland as he sees them and that they will show them God's love and mercy.


Julie in NC said...

Gordy, What a great thing to wake up and read! Thank you for updating us on Luke and Daniel. God is such and just and faithful God.

Thanks, Jesus for hearing our prayer and letting Luke get better without a trip to the ER! We love you Lord and are so glad that you created Luke. Amen.

You guys have a wonderful day. We will keep you all in our prayers as God brings you to our hearts and minds.

Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

The Gannaway Family said...

Praise God! We have been praying for Luke each morning at devotions. Even our little 3 year old remembers to pray for baby Luke.
Many blessings
The Gannaway family
Willow Grove, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Gordy.
What is a bolis feeding? Can he still eat a little through his sweet mouth?
How are his legs and arms? Are they still flexing well? Is he getting more alert?
I am sorry for these questions, feel free to tell me to bug out! :)
Sincerely, Cindy Moreno. (Shirly Blanfords friend).

Julie in NC said...

Hello Little Luke, How has your week been so far? I bet your family is missing Daniel. We are praying for you each day. We love you. Blessings to all, Julie

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

Cindy thank you for the questions and I dont mind.

Q:What is a bolis feeding?
A:Luke has a G/J-Tube that allows us to feed him into his stomach. To bolis feed Luke, we attach a tube to his G/J-Tube and it has a very large syringe on the other end. We pour food into the syringe and gravity takes it into his stomach. It takes about 45 minutes to feed hime 120 ml (4 oz.

Q:Can he still eat a little through his sweet mouth?
A:We try to feed him a 2-4 bites a few times each day to stimulate his mouth.

Q:How are his legs and arms? Are they still flexing well?
A:He still needs work on both his arms and legs. His arms are more flexible. We use massage and splints on his legs to help with tone.

Q:Is he getting more alert?
A:I think so, however I see him every day, so it is really hard to tell how much more. It is like Lily, is she getting bigger? Yes, she is. When someone sees Luke that hasnt seen him in a while, they think he looks great. When he was in the hospital to get his trach out, several nurses stopped by to see him and many commented on how good he looked. Keep the questions coming.

Anonymous said...

Gordy and Sue, I have tried to post several times in the last month and have failed. I think I forgot to post an identity and it posted under blogger. Who knows where my posts have landed.

Anyways, I have been so thrilled with the news of Luke's track being taken out! We continue to check to see what great things God is doing in your life daily. You are all in our thoughts and prayers many times through out our day.

I too have noticed how good Luke looks in the pictures you have posted. He is also getting so big. I also wanted to tell you that Lily is adorable. What a sweet little thing, you just want to reach out and hold her.

One last thing, I have been wondering if you and your family will still take a trip this summer accross the country?

Colleen and family

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