Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The end of a long day

Sorry I have not blogged sooner. I am sure you are all waiting for news.

When we arrived, Luke had 103 fever his heart rate was around 200 and he was laboring to breath. His body was hot and his arms and legs were cold. His body was modeling (blotchy looking), this indicates that his circulation was poor. And he was dehydrated.

They started by giving him an IV, which was no easy task, it required multiple sticks to get on started and then because it was so small, they had to replace it later in the day. Once they had an IV, they began to pump the fluids in to rehydrate his body. Next, they gave him Ibuprofen to deal with the fever. Right around the time the fever broke, Julie was posting her prayer that God would drive out the fever and that he would send the right doctors. He answered her prayer on all counts. Once the fever broke, his heart rate began to slowly drop.

At this point, they took us upstairs to his room on the floor, which is a huge praise. It is a large two person room that only has Luke in it right now. Throughout the remainder of the afternoon, Luke's vitals improved. Finally around 3:00 he fell into a very deep sleep and he look 1000% better then when we brought him in. His temp was 100, his heart rate was down to 128 bps and he was breathing comfortably.

He was still sleeping when I left a little after 7:00. Sue and Lily along with our friend Yoli are going to spend the night in Luke's room.

Thank you for your prayers, we can tell and they are making a huge difference. Today, it was kind of like there was this miraculous turn around for no reason. However the reason is because God is answering prayer. I have a few specific prayers that I would like for you to pray about.

First, pray that his breathing will stabilize. I talked to Sue a while ago and she said that his oxygen level would drop all of a sudden from 97 or 98 to mid 80's.

Second, pray that the fever will stay away.

Finally, pray that the infection will be cured once and for all.

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for you faithful friends and family. May God richly bless you as you pour out prayers for Luke.



Julie in NC said...

Gordy, We will be praying for you. Thanks for taking time to let us know how he is and how to pray. Thanks Jesus for your healing hand. Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

I talked with Sue a little while ago and Luke had a very good night. He is resting and his heart rate is 125 bps, which is a normal number for him. Thank you for your prayers, I will blog later.

Julie in NC said...

Thanks so much for letting us know. We will be praying that he is home in no time. Blessings, Julie