Friday, July 08, 2005

Luke may get to go home soon

We are hoping Luke will get to go home soon. The doctors say that as soon as Luke doesnt need as much oxygen and continues to take his food and continues to not have a fever, then we can take him home. Luke took all of his food today with no problems, this is a big praise. Luke has not had a fever today, this is another big praise. His heart rate has been fairly normal, thank You Lord. We just need for him to breath better and not need as much oxygen. Continue to pray for his breathing. We hope that he might get to go home tomorrow, we will let you know.

Over the last few days when I discussed Lukes heart rate, I referred to it as BPS, it should be BPM. Today as I was watching the Tour De France, they were monitoring the riders heart rate as BPM (Beats Per Minute). It got me thinking, where did I come up with BPS, certaintly not Beats Per Second. Then it dawned on me, being the techie that I am BPS stands for Bytes Per Second. Hmmmm....I know Luke is connected to a lot of things, but the internet is not one of them. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused you if you though Lukes heart rate was 200 Beats Per Second :)

Thank you for praying.

Keep looking up!


Julie in NC said...

Hello Guys, Just letting you all know that we are praying for you. Thanks for the updates so we will know how to pray. Blessings to you all, Shane, Julie and Children

Jenni said...

That's funny Gordy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Searles family! I am still praying for Luke and am always so blessed to read your updates. I am thankful for your willingness to share Lukes progress. God is healing him and giving him a testimony that I know he will be able to share himself someday. In the mean time you are doing it for him. Thank you! May God richly bless your family for your faithfulness and complete trust in him.

Stevanie Sweet