Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Great News about Luke and sad news about our trip across America

Luke is doing amazing things this week. I do believe after struggling with this infection in his lungs for so long, it is finally going away, praise the Lord. Luke has begun to be more vocal these past few days and much more expressive in the facial looks he is giving us. There is something different about his eyes, they are tracking so much better and when you look into them you can see that he is recognizing what he is seeing, instead of the blank look that has haunted him for so long. To say this is exciting is to put it mildly.

Today Luke took a friend with him on a dive in the HBOT. Josiah is 6 ½ years old and had a near drowning accident 4 years ago in June. He has made some great progress, especially after his HBOT sessions. Luke really seemed to enjoy having someone in the chamber with him. He kept lifting up his head to see what was going on. We began putting him on his stomach the last time we were there, because he relaxes so much more when he is on his stomach. It was awesome to see him lift his head up to look around, we’ve seen him lift his head up for a few seconds, but nothing like today where he would pick it up and keep it up for a bit of time and then put it down only to continue to do this off and on through out the entire dive time.

When Mary our nurse put him to bed tonight his heart rate was down in the low 100’s and even has dipped a little lower than that. We haven’t seen his numbers that low in a long time. He is also keeping his oxygen numbers up, which has been wonderful. Gordy came back to bed last night after hearing Luke's alarm go off, it seems he just couldn't get Lukes oxygen rate up above the 80's so he gave him some oxygen he came into bed saying that he didn’t know what was happening. I went into the room and checked his toe, where the sensor is located only to find it half on, I adjusted it and his numbers went back up to 96, we know that we should always check the sensor first, but in the middle of the night you get kind of groggy after numerous times of being woke up to alarms. I was so glad to see his oxygen rate that high during the deep sleep he was in.

Last night as I was sitting in the car waiting for Gordy to go into Lowe’s to buy some Bee killer, we have a nest of bees out in the back yard. I was a bit discouraged and very tired and the Lord ministered to my heart by saying I’m healing Luke from the inside out, you may not always be able to see what I’m doing, just don’t give up hope. I was so thankful for that word and then today when I saw Luke lift up his head over and again, I was reminded of God’s healing touch in Luke’s life.

Part of the reason I was so discouraged is because Gordy and I finally decided after much prayer and thought, not to take our trip across America that we have been looking forward to for years. We’ve decided with Luke’s fragile health situation we just wouldn’t be wise doing it at this time. To say that I was disappointed is to put it mildly. We are hoping that perhaps by next year Luke will be stable enough or perhaps by then healed completely so that we can go on with our plans. Please be praying that we will still be able to spend some awesome time with the kids this summer taking some shorter trips close to home.

God is answering your prayers about Luke’s trach whole closing up again, it seems like hardly anything is coming out of his whole, which is great news. Along with all the other things I’ve mentioned this week has been a huge turn around from the last week in the Hospital. He continues to struggle a bit taking his food into the G-port of his feeding tube, please continue to pray that he will be able to take his full bolus feedings through out the day without gagging and thowing up.

I need to sign off to get some much needed sleep, we are all getting healthy. The only ones with a bit of a cough left in the home are Lily and myself. I pray that you will have a blessed day today

Love in Christ,
Luke’s Mommy Sue


The Gannaway Family said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up for Luke. Sorry to hear that your trip is postponed.
Praying for Luke daily.

Much love
The Gannaways,
Willow Grove, Australia

Ellen said...

Sorry your trip has to be postponed but hopefully by next year little Luke will be much healthier and will enjoy the trip as much as you will.
God Bless you all , {{{Big Hugs}}} for you and Luke !
{{cuddle hugs}} for baby Lilly.

Take care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Luke is doing better. I will share your comment about God healing Luke from the inside out with my daughter. Someone sent her a sermon about healing and I think she's afraid to believe God will really heal Parker. Or that complete healing may be when he goes to be with the Lord. When she took him to an ENT Dr.yesterday he is very hopeful that the trach can come out just as soon as a heart procedure is done in July. We are grateful for the good news! Blessings to you and your family!

lockwoods said...

What fantastic news about Luke taking several large steps forward!!! How wonderful! I'm sorry you have to postpone your trip. It will all work out for the good, though - you know how God does that! We are so thankful that Luke is getting better, and that your whole family is getting better! We'll keep praying!
The Lockwoods in AK

Anonymous said...

Luke, you are doing so good. I knew we would start to see great things going on in your life! You keep on trusting God. Sue, You hold on to all the the things that God has told you. I am so sorry that you have sad news about your trip....ya know, just think, you will have more time to plan. I know that you had all the time you wanted. You are so sweet to lay down your life for Luke's well being. Again, I am so, Gordy and the Children must be pretty sad. I know that I really wanted to get my hands on little Luke. One day!!

We love you all, Love, Shane, Julie and Children

Leon said...

It's too bad about the trip but it can wait a bit. When you have time and Luke is better you can take that trip and enjoy it properly.

Hiya Luke. I hear you are making a little more noise. Good for you! Kids are supposed to be noisy.:) You better enjoy it when you can cuz when you get to be a big kid...someone is sure to ask you to be quiet.

Loni said...

I sure understand about having to change plans for the our children. When Jessica had her 2 open heart surgeries, we were so careful in where we went. If anyone was sick - including at holidays if a family member had a cold, we did not go. It's hard, but worth the sacrifice to build up your child's immune system. God must have even a better plan for your trip for later!

Also remember too well that little red light for Jessica's oxygen levels. Before she had her surgeries, she was at 70% - she is now in the high 90's! God can do this for ANYONE and we will pray God will continue to do this in little Luke's life. What a testimony he will continue to have.

Thanks for sharing! We love you!

Norm & Loni

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and Gordy and family-
You are all on my mind everyday. My prayers continue for you all. I am so happy to read that Luke is getting stronger every day. Lily must be getting more smily and must talk to Luke in a special way. Hope that all the kids are enjoying the summer. Even though that you have postponed your trip there is so many places to go in Washington State that are close to home. God Bless you all. Always Mary

Teena said...

Oh I am so happy Luke is doing better! PTL PTL .... you have touched us in a mighty way and we feel so connected with you.

I am sorry for the change in plans and I know how much you wanted to do this. I am praying the Lord shows you HIS PERFECT TIME for you to go~

also, praying as the Lord continues to heal Luke from the inside out!

your Georgia friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear you have to put off the trip for a while. I really know your disappointment. I had the same disappointment when I had to cancel our trip to TX to see Lawrence this summer. It took me a while to fully accept that it just was not a possibility. I was also disappointed because I love to travel cross country and it would have been the last trip for a while.

Lawrence came out over fourth of July weekend instead and we got to visit with him for 2 days. It was wonderful. the kids loved seeing daddy, if only for a couple of days. We really missed seeing you all that Sunday. I have been telling Lawrence about how wonderful Luke is doing now, how he makes more facial expressions and can move more, etc. I can hardly wait until he sees Luke in November. With Lawrence gone so long, i am sure he will notice a big difference, even more than we do, from the last time he saw him. Especially considering how much more healing Luke will have by November.

I have really missed seeing Luke (and you and Gordy and Lily) the past few Sundays. I am praying for Luke for his continued healing and hope to see you all soon!

God Bless!!! -Teresa H.

Louise Moore said...

Sorry to hear about the trip but o the upside it is thrilling to know that Luke is doing so well..haven't checked into the site for a while. Luke, all your friends in Dublin (Ireland) applaud your success!! Long may it continue, you are always in our prayers. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Little Luke, We have been out of town. I just wanted to say hello and that we are praying for you. We love you sweet guy. Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Z S and J ALLEN said...

Hello Guys, I hope that you all are having a good day! We have My parents here for a visit. I just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and look forward to seeing how everyone is doing. Love and Prayers to all, Shane, Julie and Children

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke and all the family-
Sure pray that all is going well for all of you. Enjoy short trips here in Washington State. Even if you go to Salt Water Park it is fun sitting by a camp fire and having S'MORES. Just being together is a big blessing. Take care all of you. My prayers are always with you and yours. Always a far away friend. :)

Anonymous said...

It's been over 10 days since your last update on Luke!
Anxiously waiting for a great update!

Teena said...

Dear Sue & Gordy, just wondering how things are going. It has been a couple weeks... I know you are busy. Just wanted to check and see if there was a new update.

Even when we do not hear we still lift Luke and all of you up in prayer.

your Georgia friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Debi said...

Hey Sue and Gordy am I excited about how well Luke is doing these days. Don't know if you remember me but I am one of the Nurses in the PICU that took care of Luke when he was first brought in after his accident. I kept meaning to check your web site but when I was thinking of you all I could not remember the site. Heard one day awhile back that Luke had been in the Hospital on the floor. Boy was I bummed that I was not working then so I could stop in and see you all. I hate it when things get so busy that you do not have the time to keep in touch, especially with this little Angel. I knew he was God's little miracle when you were able to take him home. He's a great example to show people that you should never give up hope, no matter what others are telling you. God is the only one that can make the ultimate decision. With so much love and prayers its no wonder that God is continuing to work in sweet Luke's life. Luke is truely blessed to have you all as his family as you have been blessed with Luke. I will keep tabs on Luke more closely now that I have found your site. My prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family. You are truely special people. Love in Christ, Debi

Julie in NC said...

Hello Luke, Kayla got me back to Julie in NC. How are you doing? I have been thinking and praying for you. Debi, Thanks so much for the post. It is so wonderful to hear how much better Luke has gotten. You guys have a wonderful day. Be blessed with the goodness of our Lord. Blessing to all, Shane, Julie and Children