Friday, January 13, 2006

I just wanted to share some of the supplements we are using for Luke

Luke seems to be doing better and is getting healthier all the time. As I've mentioned in past posts Luke is on quite a few supplements. He has only one regular medication that he is on and that is his Zantac for his stomach since he still has his feeding tube, it helps keep his acids in check. I thought I'd share with you some of the wonderful discoveries we've found in the huge world of health supplements. He has been taking Ambratose since we came home from the Hospital it is complex carbohydrate put out by Mannatech. We also began a product I found out about at our Super Supplements store, it's called Sambuccol, it is a all natural immunity booster and has been known to help with respiratory problems, that has seemed to help with his secretions. He has also been on fish oils, omega 3 oils, Noni Juice, Barley Green, Collodial Silver, Probiotics, CoQ-10, Magnesium and Calcium, protein Whey and last but not least Phytoplankton.

I want to let you know about the Phytoplankton, because I feel that we have really seen some wonderful benefits since we started him on this product and not only him but a close friend of mine who has diabetes and she has seen her blood sugars go from 530 to 315 in only two days of using this wonderful product, along with getting rid of the aches and pains that she has been experiencing for many months now. I also decided to take it to see if it would help me to feel more energetic and I have to admit I have been feeling a lot more energetic and it has also been helping my eyesight get better. Needless to say because of the all the wonderful testimonials of those that I know are using it I decided to start selling it today, I'm not planning to put a lot of effort into selling it but I thought that since it has helped Luke so much and also my good friend and Abbie who I've talked about on many occasions, then I thought others that are having health issues might benefit from taking it. It is called FrequenSea if you'd like to learn more about it and read some of the testimonials of those that have taken it you can go to my new website it is I reluctantly shared this with you all and I want to let you know that I'm not trying to sell it to you, but I thought that there are many out there that suffer with diabetes, fibromyalga, cancer, arthritis, weight problems, migranes and I know they can benefit from using this product and it would be selfish of me not to share this information with you all.

Luke did get his new hand and wrist orthotics, they are hoping that it will help with the muscles in his wrists that have been turned in for so long to finally stretch a bit and become more limber. He now has his arms and hands down so much more but because of the amount of time he has his hands turned in they need some help getting them stretched out again. He is being fitted for his last fitting for his new ankle orthotics on Monday, then he should be set for awhile.

Gordy went on a business trip this week to Arizona and wouldn't you know it the day he leaves our phones decided they did not want to work anymore, so if anybody has tried to call and got a busy signal now you know why. It always seems to come in twos or three's when you have problems around the home, we also had our downstairs toilet decide it didn't want to flush this week and it will need to be fixed when he comes home, then our washer and dryer are dying a slow death, I guess doing at least 20 loads of laundry a week they've done a pretty good job of lasting as long as they have. Needless to say I hope that we can get all these things fixed and working before we leave next Tuesday for HI.

The main prayer request I have is that while we are gone to HI, Luke will stay healthy and sleep all night each night without any complications, that his food will run smoothly each night and that he will not need to go on any oxygen while we are gone. Along with all the other children staying healthy and happy while we are gone. I keep thinking "what were we thinking, that we could leave all the children and go to HI for a week, right now at this time in our lives?". Also pray that God would give me His peace about going and that I will be able to enjoy myself without being concerned about the children at home.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

P.S. I have not forgot about posting some pictures, I just haven't learned how to do this yet and have to wait for Gordy to have a few minutes to spare, to do this for me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue, Gordy and family,

Hope all is well. Good to hear that Luke is doing better and that you are even doing better. Love ya all and miss you.

Hope to see you soon! Love, Lonnie and Lori

Teena said...

HI! That is so good about Luke. My Wesley has taken sambucol too~ as we learned it can help respiratory problems and he had/has RAD (reactive airway disease). It is better as he is getting older. I am praying for your trip. Do your older girls just take over like with Lily like our Mandi does? That is such a blessing huh?

we continue to pray... and think of you daily~
your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Julie in NC said...

Sue, I am so glad that you have found something that you see is helping Luke!!! We will be praying for your family as you guys leave this week. We have been praying for you flight and safe take off/landing both ways. Have fun with Gordy and learn all you can to help Luke! Blessings, Love and prayers, Shane, Julie and Children

Anonymous said...

May the Lord give you peace as you prepare for your trip.
He can be trusted with your family.
May He strengthen your relationship as you are away.
-LJS from Tacoma

joel said...

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