Monday, January 02, 2006

We Hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year

Happy New Year, we pray that you will be blessed this year with healthy family members, including yourself of course, with wonderful friends and both financially and spiritually. We are believing this will be a great year for our family and that we will continue to see amazing miracles not only in Luke's life but those around us that also need a miraculous touch from God. Just remember God said "nothing is impossible with Him."

We were blessed this Christmas with Luke staying healthy and continuing to make small improvements each day. I will be honest though to say that it ended up being a harder Christmas than I could of imagined. I was struggling with some deep depression during the week before Christmas, I guess I kept thinking that Luke would be walking and talking by now and that he would be opening his own gifts on Christmas morning. I spent a lot of time beating myself up over my thoughts thinking that I should be so grateful for the wonderful progress that Luke has made over this past year instead of thinking about where I wish he is today.

I want to say a huge thank you to Amy and Natalie, without them I don't think we would of had Christmas this year. They basically did all the decorating, wrapping and baking this past Christmas. Praise the Lord, I am feeling much better God has been so good to me and has been lifting me out of this depression and I am beginning to regain my joy. Forgive me for going on about myself I realize this blog is to keep you informed about Luke's progress, I guess that I want those of you that struggle with depression to know that God is able to help you get through it and give you new joy and strength as you ask Him for His help.

Thank you for all of you that have posted some information about Hawaii, we have decided to go ahead and stay at the Hotel where the conference is being held. Someone asked if we will be taking Luke and the answer is "no," we had thought about taking the older kids and Luke with us but decided that the cost would be too much. I will be honest at times I am so excited about going since this will be my first time to HI and I've always wanted to go, but I'm also extremely anxious about leaving all my children at home, it's not like we can just jump in the car and be home in a few hours if anything were to happen. I'm asking everyone to pray that everything will go smoothly at home and that God will give me peace about going.

We got a call last week from our Insurance Company asking us if we had applied for DSHS to assist with Luke's medical bills, I told her we had tried shortly after Luke's accident, but we are too rich for help and too poor to be able to pay for everything out of pocket. They informed us that we would probably be losing our nursing care once again because Luke has been doing so well recently and has not had be suctioned much. I guess they think that the only reason we would need a nurse is if he needs to be suctioned all the time. They don't realize how wonderful it is to have someone here twice a week to help with Luke's messaging, feeding, exercises and all the other important things our nurse does for Luke so that I can get some other things done without feeling bad about neglecting Luke. Anyway we need some wisdom from God to decide if we want to go fill out all the paperwork to get assistance, we have realized that Luke has cost us well over $20,000 out of our pocket and know that without the generous gifts of some wonderful people just after the accident we don't know what we would of done, though we know that God always provides as we ask Him too, we feel we need to be wise stewards of what we know is His money.

May God richly bless you today,

Luke's Mommy Sue


Jenni said...

Hawaii will be a great break for you both. Sometimes we just need a little time alone with the one that God has given us to walk alongside, helps to regain perspective so that we can be better parents. God bless you as you go! We will pray that while you are away there will be no problems and that you will have so much peace about leaving your children. God bless you in this coming year!

Teena said...

I am praying and will continue to pray as Gordy and you seek God's wisdom. I also think HI will be a great time for both of you but also understand your anxiety. How long will you be gone... you probably said and I forgot. Thank you for sharing... and for sharing your struggles. God is faithful and I am so thankful you are doing better. Our girls are such great helps~ my Mandi is like your girls. Where would I be without her. Tell them hi for Mandi~
give Luke a big hug from us~
Do you think Gordy will post a pic or two soon? :)
we love you~
your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

lewiswillis3676 said...

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lockwoods said...

I am so glad that you had a calm Christmas. And sorry that you have had to deal with are in our prayers. I think you are just having normal human emotions - the same that we would feel in your situation. Don't beat yourself up over it!
I feel a bit guilty asking...but when you all get a chance, do you suppose you could put some new pictures up? It is always so nice to see how everyone is growing and changing. Am I correct that Luke is starting to show emotions? You are right - Luke has come so far. And thanks for posting Abby's website - wow. You all hang in there - praying for you!
Love -
The AK Lockwoods

Julie in NC said...

Hi Sue, I have been thinking and praying for you the past month. I know that I have not got on here to post, please forgive me for that. I am sorry that I did not let you know that WE ARE still praying for you. You are doing just like Gods word are having the faith of a little child and trusting the Lord for Luke,s body to be restored! I love that about you and I am right here praying for him too. When I read you post I thought I would feel the same as you do. As I thought and prayed about it I thought, ya know when you start to lose hope and faith I bet you could go ask those sweet little boys what they think the Lord is going to do in Luke's life....I am sure their thoughts are so much higher than ours. Follow their example of faith. We so love you. Love, Julie