Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Please pray that Luke's oxygen level will rise and stay where it belongs

Luke had a pretty good night, except for an episode where his oxygen levels dropped and did not come up for awhile, he also had a slight fever, but nothing to the extreme of before. When I came home this morning he was doing great, but Gordy just called to say he is desating again, which means he's just not getting enough oxygen.

I was so sure that we were getting over this hump, only to be crying out to God to once again breathe his breath of Life into Luke. Please pray that his oxygen levels will level out and that his need for oxygen will go away, we've seen God's miraculous hand time and again and we know He is able to once again touch our precious little boy. Thank you for your continued prayers, they are the only thing that is getting us through this tough time.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Pam&Hal said...

Praying that God will lift Luke's fever and send a healing breath into his lungs. Holding you all in my heart. Pam

Anonymous said...

Sue, We are here indeed praying for Luke and your family....God has been so faithful to touch Luke in the past like you said.

Lord, Please let Luke be restored to health. Thank you for allowing Gordy and Sue know that you have a reason for all things. Bless them with all that they need and allow this time to pass soon. Amen

We Love all of you, Love, Shane, Julie and Children

lockwoods said...

I'm so sorry for what you are going through...I'm in tears with you. God bless you for posting the words to "Praise You in The Storm"...I feel that I must tell you... even though you all are in the midst of the storm - God used you to minister to me. Thank you. God is touching me - through you - at a time when I need it so badly. Isn't it strange sometimes when we feel like our strength is almost spent - and then we realize that God is actively working through us? Thank you. You are loved! Thank you for taking the time to update us. We are laboring in prayer for sweet Luke and all of you.
Amy Lockwood

Anonymous said...

I have not checked this blog for some time but was called perhaps by the Spirit to check it today. I am praying for God's healing hand to come upon little Luke and lift you all up at this difficult time.

The Gannaway Family said...

Dear Searles,
We are praying for you all and that the Lord will heal Luke. As others have said, God is faithful and Luke will be made well, and he will be healed.
Blessings and Lots of Love
the Gannaway Family
Willow Grove, Australia

Anonymous said...

You as a family are all in our prayers for the rest and strength you need, and the healing of Lukes body. Standing in the gap for you. Tom & Pam

Gabby's mom Dana said...

We are still praying for Luke and your family. This scripture has helped me remember that God see's and hear's us down here when it feels were all alone. God keeps track of all our tears and considers them precious, He knows the ache of a mothers heart for her child.
Psalms 56:8
You've kept track of my every toss and turn, through the sleepless nights, each tear entered into your ledger, each ache written in your book.
Love in Christ,
Dana Gabby's mom

Anonymous said...

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