Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 the year of New Beginnings!

Life is finally slowing down a little, only to get going faster again next week when we start back to school, the YMCA, choir, piano lessons, voice lessons, Luke's therapy appointments. . . I've been trying to get all kinds of things caught up during these last few days before school starts again. Poor Daniel caught the flu, please pray that he will fell better and the flu bug doesn't spread to others in our family.

Luke has been doing pretty good lately. His nose has been running a bit, but it's not so bad. I made an appointment with Luke's Rehab Doc today. His muscles have been getting very tense these last few weeks since we've not done any HBOT treatments or Rolfing appointments recently. Would you pray with me that God will give us wisdom in knowing what to do for his high muscle tone. I don't know if we should put him on baclafen a muscle relaxant, which can cause him to zone out when it's in his system. I know so many people either getting or talking about getting a baclafen pump lately and I've been wondering if this is something Luke needs. A pump would go straight into his cerebral fluid of his back, therefore not causing drowsiness.

One other prayer request for Luke is I have scheduled another swallow study this Friday. To be honest as I usually am, I do not want to go for this. You have to wait in the ER waiting room before you are taken back. This is not a place I like going at all, for one thing all the sickness and germs cause me great distress and then that place always brings backs horrible memories. I have canceled four of these appointments over the past year and feel I need to keep this one. Please be praying that Luke passes this swallow study with flying colors and has the o.k. to start eating by mouth.

As you can tell by our new family picture on the side of the post, we finally got our picture taken on Saturday. I was surprised to get a call from Costco asking if I could sign a form stating that we weren't printing a copyrighted picture from a studio. Amy was excited to hear that they thought our photo was done by a professional. I'm just about finished with our letter all I have to do is address the envelopes. To help jog my memory about the past year I went and read all of the posts in Luke's blog. I was amazed to see how often I'm asking for prayer for Luke and then a couple day's later mentioning that our prayers had been answered because he was doing better. I'm looking forward to this year, knowing that I'm going to be praying for miracles, believing that God is able to do abundantly above all that I ask or think.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


annie said...

I love the family picture Sue. It's so good! One thing I did leading up to Izzy's swallow study was to speak over her constantly, I would say, "you swallow perfectly." I told her therapists she could swallow and the test was just a formality. I believed it. She passed and I was overjoyed and relieved. I continue to pray & believe for Luke!

Tammy and Parker said...

That picture is awesome! Your family is beautiful.

We're keeping Luke in our prayers!