Friday, January 18, 2008

Luke is doing Great once again

Hallelujah! Luke is finally doing better. He is currently at 98 percent oxygen and his heart rate is back to normal for night time. I took him to see Matt the Rolfer today and he seemed to respond wonderfully to his massage. Have I told you how vocal Luke is getting lately. He actually will whine until we get him out of his bed in the morning. I told Amy and Natalie what a joy it is to hear him tell us he wants to get up in the morning.

Recently we decided to go to Arizona to pick up a table, chairs and dresser for my Dad and Mom. My Grandparents lived in Tucson and they passed on quite awhile go, but the furniture was still in their home. Recently the home had been bought and my Dad mentioned that he would love to have this table and chairs, so I thought it would be a huge blessing to go pick it up for him. Needless to say I thought it would be fun if we as a family could go down to CA together to spend a day at Disneyland, the last time we were there was right before Luke's accident.

Gordy, myself, Daniel, Amy, Natalie, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Kristin and Joshua leave on February 1st to go on down to CA. We are not taking Luke and Lily. It was so difficult this past week to see Luke so sick and wonder if we had made the right decision to leave him behind. This will be the first time that all of us leave him at home, there is always either Gordy, myself, Amy or Natalie here. Though we all work together on taking care of the constant needs of Luke, it can be draining at times, don't get me wrong we don't be grudge Luke's care, we just know that we need a break. We will all be together until Tuesday night when Amy and I drop off the family to fly home, on free award airline tickets. We then will go on to AZ and will not get home until February 10th.

God has blessed us recently in some very unusual ways. We received a very unexpected check for $1200 and then today my generous brother gave us $800 for gas to go pick up the furniture for my Dad. I was jumping up and down all morning for joy at God's amazing blessings. You see I really wanted to go down to CA this past Christmas, but we did not have the money at that time, so now not only will I get the desire of my heart, but my parents will also receive a desire they have.

Here are some thoughts from a mom who has a severely handicapped child: We really shouldn't be spending the money on this trip, because we could be using it for HBOT treatments for Luke, we should not leave him behind, he would enjoy himself on this trip also, what if he gets pneumonia again while we are gone and ends up back in the Hospital, yadda, yadda, yadda.
I can hear so many of you say but Sue, that is a bunch of bologna, you can't live your life in fear of what is to come. I know that I'm just being open and honest with you all once again.

I would really appreciate your prayers that Luke and Lily will be completely healthy the whole time we are gone. That Tessa and Nicole will be fine staying the night with them on Friday night. For Yoli and Juan who are taking care of them from Saturday to Tuesday morning to have the strength and be blessed amazingly by God and that Auntie Cindy will have a wonderful day Tuesday as she watches them for us that last day before Gordy gets home. For our family to have a safe journey and that we will blessed with wonderful memories of this trip. The last time we were in Disneyland was just two weeks before Luke's accident, so it can bring back some happy/sad moments for all of us.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS Please continue to remember the Lester family in your prayers, Dave, Cindy, Anna and Sam as they mourn the death of Maddie.


annie said...

I'm so happy Luke is doing so well Sue. The trip sounds great! What a blessing! Don't listen to those discouraging voices. I'm not sure why the enemy insists on sitting on our shoulders whispering fears to us constantly. Izzy went to her rolfing guy yesterday too, it's really great for her. Matt put a bell up beside her bed (he always has these brilliant ideas :o) and yesterday morning he saw she was waking up so he said, "when you want me to get you out of bed, ring your bell." He didn't take two steps out of our bedroom and we heard that bell! We both yelled, "she rang the bell!" and he ran to get her. It's the little things :o)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Luke is doing better - God is good! What wonderful news about your trip. It sounds like you will all have a lot of fun. Go without guilt and enjoy God's blessing!


Anonymous said...

If you end up by 6 flags again don't forget to call me! I would love to meet you.
(661) 267-2129

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the quick recovery. We would love to have you visit us in Gilbert if it is possible. The kids could ride the horses and all that fun western stuff on the farm :} We hope that everything goes well and you can travel with peace.
Love, Caroline, Tom, Katey, Joseph, Matthew, Ryan and Zachary

Anonymous said...

Sue, I am praying. I love you so much. Praying for Luke and all of you. Praying for your thoughts and that God will give you His peace.

We left Mandi yesterday at YWAM. Today has been very emotional. I know God is in control but still.. my mama heart hurts....

much love,
your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael & Amber, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley