Saturday, October 18, 2008

A little bit of this and that to report today

I came back from Mexico feeling extremely blessed! My family all stayed healthy while I was gone and though they missed me they all did rather well. I knew that this week would be very busy and I was not surprised by just how busy it was. Monday was Amy's 21st birthday, Daniel came up from Chehalis, Gordy took a much needed day off from work and we all went to the Olive Garden for lunch, that night some of us went to Spencer's football game and enjoyed the fact that our weather is still very pleasant for watching football games.

Tuesday I took the kids up to Seattle so that they could be greeters and helpers at the annual Starlight Fundraiser luncheon. We all had a wonderful time until the ride home when we realized that Lily was sick, I had no idea that she was feeling poorly or would not of taken her of course. She ended up sleeping most of the day and then at night decided that she needed to not only throw up in her room, but in the hallway and our room also. Not a fun night. She had a very high fever until Thursday when she seemed to be getting better, but then today she has once again been running a fever and sleeping a lot. If she is not better by tomorrow I will take her into the Dr. to be sure that she doesn't just have the flu.

Wednesday was a busy day for myself, but the kids all stayed home. I went up to do some "free" shopping at the Starlight warehouse, I was able to get most of Zeke's birthday presents and have pretty much finished most of my Christmas shopping for the children. After that I went to the Homeschool store to buy the boys some new Math and Spelling books, stopped by and did some shopping at Costco on the way home. That night everyone but Luke, Lily and myself headed off to church, I sat by Luke holding Lily the whole night until the rest of the family got home.

Thursday Amy and I decided to run over to Eastern WA so that Amy could say good bye to her cousin Janell. You see Amy leaves on Monday to go stay with my brother and his wife for 10 weeks in Denmark. We had a wonderful time together, just some Mom and daughter time together totally enjoying the scenery on the trip over, since all the tree's are turning beautiful colors this time of the year. We didn't get home until very late that night.

Friday I took my sister Cindy with me to some appointments for Luke, you see my back went out while I was in Mexico and all week long I have been dealing with horrible pain, so bad in fact I have not been able to carry Luke or Lily all week long. People have to put them on my lap for me, Isaiah had to help me carry Luke to bed on Friday night while Gordy went to the football game with Amy and Natalie. It's so nice to have the boys getting older they are able to help out so much more these days.

Today was a busy get caught up on laundry day, Gordy and the boys raked the front yard, the girls and I along with a few of their friends made lagsna for Amy's Birthday/Going away party tomorrow. She had requested home made lagsna for her party so that meant we had to make a triple batch of homemade sauce and then let it cook a few hours before putting together enough lagsna to feed 30 people tomorrow after church and having two extra lagsna's to put in freezer for another day.

I was hoping to put up a few pictures to go along with this posting, but decided that I will sit down and share with you all the wonderful blessings from our recent missions trip to Mexico very soon and post some pictures at the same time.

Please keep Luke and Lily in your prayers as they have both been running fevers off and on all day. Also for my back as mentioned above it has been very bad this week and since Luke needs constant care it drives me crazy not to be able bathe him, pick him up, move him, etc. . .

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Tiffany said...

So glad you are back safely and thankful that everyone did well in your absence. Will be praying especially for your back, as I know you can't afford to be limited by pain!! Wow! 10 weeks with no Amy:(, but I'm sure she is going to have the time of her life! All is well on Monday, God is on the throne, and we are blessed!

Much love,
Tiffany et al

annie said...

Our backs have an important job, my back has been hurting since yesterday too... I'm praying it is well today! Yours too!
Glad you are back and that everyone stayed healthy!

annb said...

I'm glad you had a good time in Mexico and made it back safely! So sorry about your back and I will be praying for healing and comfort. I so appreciate you visiting my site and your encouraging words. They really help! You know better than most how hard it can be waiting for God's answer to a prayer, but you're so right - it's always worth it and He knows, better than we do, what we need!
The mom/daughter time was special, I'm sure. Since Elizabeth is grown, our relationship has really blossomed into an adult relationship (although I'm afraid that I still try to "mother" at times). Lasagne sounds scrumptious and how great it must be for Amy to be able to spend time in Denmark - I've seen pictures and it looks beautiful!
In His Love and Pictures,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that everyone stayed healthy while you were out of town and that your trip went well.

Thanks so much for the kind words that you have posted on Hayden's blog. Hayden is very special to my mom (She's the one they refer to as Ms Sandra because she taught preschool at the school where Hayden's Papa is the minister of music).

Hope your back starts to feel better.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sue. Haven't been blogging much. Michael/Mandi talked me into joining Facebook... I have enjoyed hearing from old friends and new ones... you should join and we could post pics and all. If you join you can see some of the wedding pics. It is free and not much up keep at all. Does Amy, Natalie or Daniel have one?

Glad you had a great time... on your trip!

Praying for your back and Luke & Lily. Also for Amy's trip. WOW... that is a long time. She will be home for Christmas?

I can not believe you have all your christmas shopping done!? I am just starting. Neat that you have a home schooling store near you!

I miss talking with you~ HUGS

Christine said...

Hope ypur little ones feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

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