Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why oh why, do I think I am able to do HUGE projects??

This past week has been challenging to say the least. I've have been needing to clean out Luke and Lily's closet forever and finally I decided since this was a break week at the YMCA I would tackle the job. Monday I asked my wonderful friend, Yoli if she would be willing to trade kids for a day. I would take her two on Wednesday if she would take my 4 on Tuesday, doesn't sound fair, but she agreed thankfully.

Monday afternoon my WONDERFUL daughter Natalie began the task of emptying out Luke and Lily's room and closet. But that wasn't enough we decided since the closet organizer was breaking we should completely take it apart. It ended up being in the living room and all the stuff from their room except for their beds ended up in the boys room. Because they were unable to walk in their room let alone sleep in their beds they ended up sleeping down stairs on the Hideaway bed for two nights. That was something that they been wanting to do for a long time so it was kind of fun for them thankfully.

Tuesday after getting done with school and picking up the house a bit, the kids went to Yoli's home and Natalie and I began painting Luke and Lily's room. We finished up at 7:00 that night. We were able to get Luke's bed cleaned off so that he was able to sleep in his room that night.

Wednesday began early, Natalie took Isaiah with her to the Dentist to get their teeth cleaned. Karlos was brought over at about 8:30 to play at my home for the day. Our morning was crazy, not only did I have to feed all the kids, get Luke and Lily bathed and feed Luke by myself, I also had to get school going for Ezekiel and watch Lily and Karlos. I didn't do such a great job, they ended up destroying a 1000 piece puzzle that Natalie had been working on all week, she was about 3/4 of the way done. I knew this would really upset her so I was nervous about her finding out, I was right she was very upset. Not a great way to begin a day. Things did get better after that though. It was an especially hard day because Natalie sorted through all the toys in Luke and Lily's room then I went through them to decide what to give away, what to keep and what to put away for my grand kids someday. As I looked at so many of the toys it saddened me to think that I would buy so many toys for Luke, things that I thought he would enjoy only to be disappointed because he really never played with any of them. It was also hard to go through some of the things that we found in his closet it brought back many memories of his time spent in the Hospital.

Today we had to take time off from finishing up the project that never seems to end because Gordy needs to fix the closet organizer before we can complete this project. He did get the parts today so I'm hoping that tomorrow morning he can finish putting it together so that we can fill it back up with all the stuff that needs to be put away. This will be a challenging day for me because I will need to sort through all his medical supplies, deciding what we really need to keep and what we can get rid of. Please be praying for me as this won't be easy, some memories are so difficult to live through.

Saturday we plan to take a few of Zeke's friends with our family skating for his birthday which is on Sunday. After church on Sunday we will have our family over for dinner which will be huge since having them all over ends up being about 25 people. It's hard to believe that Zeke is going to be 8 years old, time really seems to fly, especially when you are so busy.

Be blessed my friends,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


annie said...

I do the same thing... buy things and hope she'll be interested... it's tough. I really don't like the toy aisle. Not anymore. I used to dread the begging, now I would love to have some begging! My only fear is that when she begins talking again she will be spoiled rotten :).
Sorry about the puzzle.
Have you read "the shack?" I just finished and it was ... interesting.
Hope you have a wonderful day Suzi.

Selina said...

Hi Sue, Just checking your sight to see how your family is and got reminded that Ezekiel and I share the same birthday. Hope he has a great day. Still think of you and your family often.
Selina Kelly

Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just reading your post! I don't know how you do it! Superwoman!

annb said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up? It sounds like you have a great "partner" in Natalie - a great helper! It must have been difficult to go through all of Luke's things - I can't imagine! It is hard when you take on those projects that seem to grow bigger and bigger as you attempt to purge! But, don't you love the feeling of accomplishment you have once it's all done? Makes it all worth it! I continue to pray for your family and know that God has His hands in all the details!
In His Love and Blessings,

Tiffany said...

Oh Sue, I too have a closet I cannot deal I could just feel the emotions you were writing about. You humble me, though, with the HUGE projects you continue to take on, because you acknowledge the seeds God plants in your heart (I'm thinking more about Mexico than closets here:). I pray that He blesses you with abundant health and energy each day! Much love --Tiffany