Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We broke a record today by making 51 days of food for Luke, YAHOO!

I hope y'all had a nice Easter. We had a very good Easter, Luke was healthy, though he slept through the majority of the day. Luke is recovering from his surgery nicely, though he is still needs to be suctioned a whole lot more than he did before the surgery. I hope that once he heals some of the suctioning will lessen, I think that his throat has been too sore to swallow, so he let's all his saliva sit in the back of the throat until it gets to the point that he's not breathing so well. At night we have to suction him pretty regularly just to keep up his oxygen numbers. We take him in early Saturday morning, not a convenient time, but the only one offered for his follow up appointment, I'm pretty sure the Dr. will be pleased with his recovery, at least I hope so.

Here is Natalie with Joshua, Daniel and Isaiah and Just the Sisters!

We broke a record today, we made enough of Luke's food to last 51 days. The most we had ever done before this was 42 days. As mentioned previously it is a huge project and this time Lily and Zeke wanted to help. Zeke peeled carrots for juicing and then juiced them, Lily helped by peeling banana's, shaking soups and juices, drying dishes as they were washed and what ever else she was asked to do. It only took us about 4 hours because I had doubled the meat last time we made food so I didn't have to cook the meat today. As you can see by one of the picture we make a lot of eggs, eggs are very healthy for you, therefore we put in 30 eggs, that's not quite one egg a day.

One last sad note, I found out early Saturday morning that my cousin Carlon, who was married to my cousin Jeff died in her sleep. She was only 48 years old, she died of an yeast infection that had gone into her sinus'. Please be praying for Jeff and her two sons Justin and Jared, also for my Uncle Randy, Auntie Shirley and my other cousins. This loss was so sudden, the only "good" thing about it is that she is in heaven, no longer suffering from the extreme pain that she was in.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Nicole said...

What a lot of work!
and how many days will you be free cooking for him?

dr_bristow said...

What a great family picture!
Praying for your cousin's family and for you during this difficult time of loss.

Cindy said...

Love the pictures!