Friday, June 12, 2009

Here's the latest news!

I'm sitting in the Portland, OR airport right now waiting for my flight to leave for Atlanta, GA. Not a lot of people including some in my family didn't know I was leaving today, that's because it all came about rather quickly. I had heard about a conference for Mother's with brain injured children happening in Atlanta about 2 months ago, but never thought I would be able to go until I received an e-mail from another mom who said that they were trying to get people free flights and free hotel rooms. I began checking into it and found out that the flights were only for connecting states, so I started looking for free mileage flights and found one available. I'm looking forward to meeting with other mom's and hearing their stories of what they have found works best for their children and just sitting with them and being able to relate to what they are talking about since we are all traveling the "same" but I'm sure different road. Please be praying for safety as I travel and for those at home.

Luke is doing better the last few days, for awhile I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go another day without his one muscle relaxant medication, in fact the Dr. prescribed it again in a smaller amount hoping that it will be easier on him that way, then we hope to wean him off both if we are able to.He definitely has gotten a lot more verbal lately and is so much more alert now that he is not drugged all the time, it's such a fine line between being drugged and finding what will help with his extreme muscle tone issues.

Last night we all went to the last YMCA Homeschool Choir Concert, our wonderful choir director Sue is finally moving on to other things. It's so hard to have something that you've been involved in for 11 years end but as I told her last night there really is never a good time to stop something you love and enjoy so much. Luke seemed to really enjoy listening to the kids sing and stayed awake until about 10:00 p.m. which is of course way past his bed time.

Natalie's wedding plans are coming right along, there are so many details, but I think we've got the biggest of details finalized now we just need to get the million little details done. Amy has been keeping busy, she is finishing up her school year at the church and planning out the summer of activities and classes for the children's ministries at our church. Isaiah, Ezekiel and Lily finished up their school this week after our final YMCA Homeschool PE picnic yesterday. Daniel's web design business is taking off and he having to quit the job he had for a short time to work full time for his business again, it really is a blessing from God that it's doing so well. Gordy is working hard at REI, but is finding time to go golfing a few times a week. We are all looking forward to going camping at the end of next week, it will be so nice to have some family time.

I would love to hear how y'all are doing? What summer plans do you have? And of course if you have any prayer needs I will promise to pray for them if you share them with me.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Rachel E. said...

What a neat opportunity! I am praying for safe travel for you. This summer I'm spending 5 weeks in Michigan with a family I babysit for here in Hawaii that travels back "home" every summer. Hoping I don't find out firsthand if there really are bears in the woods & poison ivy!

Anonymous said...

I pray that you'll be encouraged and blessed by the other moms you meet. I'm certain they will be encouraged and blessed by meeting you! God is so good to provide this opportunity for you to go - I'll be praying you get some helpful information.


Teena said...

I am praying for you.... I am so excited... after being cyber friends, talking on the phone for the past 5 yrs... we finally get to meet!!!


I love the update....

dr_bristow said...

Praying that your time in Atlanta is refreshing and helpful! Thanks for keeping us all updated. I'm praying for Luke's muscle tone issues and of course for his healing!

Michelle said...

Suzi, praying your trip is safe and a whole lot of fun! How exciting! Of course I don't have to remind you to share ALL when you return. Let me know when you are back.
Michelle & Emily

jodi l. pesicka said...

I am glad he is doing better. The baclofen pump is a big decision. Justine's only lasted 4 months before it had to be removed. They were still trying yesterday to talk us into trying it again. I know that it really helps a lot of peolple. I know God will help you make the right decision for Luke. Hope the conference was everything you hoped it would be. You will have to share when you return.