Saturday, June 20, 2009

We've been on the Luke Roller Coaster Ride again this past week! Hoping to jump off it today as we go camping for the week

I'm going to try to keep this short as Luke is yelling at me to come get him out of his bed! Luke has been sick off and on all week long, I got a call from Gordy last Monday saying that he had a very rough night on Sunday night, but as the day progressed he seemed to get better. It was so hard being in GA hearing that he was not feeling well as there was nothing I could do being so far away. He continued to have some good days and bad days all week long it really was a huge roller coaster ride. I finally took him to the Dr. yesterday and after listening to Luke's lungs he sent us over to radiology for an x-ray. The Dr. didn't think Luke had pneumonia after looking at the x-ray, but then after being home for about 2 hours we got a call saying the Radiologist thought that he did have a bit of pneumonia so we should start the antibiotic we had picked up earlier.

You see we have been trying to leave for a camping trip since Thursday but we had some problems with the trailer refrigerator so we were unable to take off that day, I debated about taking Luke into the Urgent care that night because I knew something just wasn't right with him. Needless to say very early Friday morning he began to alarm with a high heart rate, I took his temp and it was at 102, I knew at that time I would be calling the Dr.'s office as soon as I got up to make an appointment. Thankfully they double booked the Dr. and got him in at 10:20. Gordy and I decided that he should just go ahead and take the rest of the kids to leave and set up camp, that I would follow behind if Luke was doing well enough. After getting home from the Dr.'s office yesterday I just felt like we should wait one more day before we leave to be sure that Luke would be healthy enough to make it through the week. It was a very difficult day and decision as I was completely torn in two as I so wanted to be with the family in Oregon, but knew I needed to stay home with Luke, reminding me once again of this teeter toter our family rides on each and every day.

I do want to tell you about the conference in GA, but I will have to wait for another day as I need to get Lukie up, bathed, fed and ready for the day so that we can take off her ASAP to meet up with the family today. Would you please be praying for Luke to stay healthy and for our family to have a non-stressful time this upcoming week. I really feel like we need a week full of laughter and fun to help get rid of some of the stress that we've been dealing with these past few months that have been full of Luke sickness and wedding plans.

God bless y'all,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


dr_bristow said...

Praying for Luke to get better quick and stay well and for you all to have a relaxing week of camping!

Tiffany said...

Prayed fervently for you, and Luke, just before typing this. Hoping that this coming week will be terrific for ALL of you, together in Oregon. Can't wait to hear about GA. Blessings!!

Michelle said...

Oh Suzi, I thought you guys were already gone or I would have called you! I'll be praying for you that the Lord will give strength and healing to Luke, and rest/relaxation for you as you join your family.

Anonymous said...

We just got home from our trip. I am praying that YOU all are enjoying your trip. Praying that God will wash over you and that memories will be made. Praying for Luke to do great! Can't wait to hear all about it.... when you return.

Thought of you a lot this past week. I am so very thankful we met face to face. YOU will never know how much it ministered to my heart. I thank you over and over.


Skinners said...

A new update? And camping pictures? A little busy I would say. :-)

Love ya lots,
Aunt Cindy