Monday, July 06, 2009

Camping + Appointments + 4th of July + Hiking = Some Busy, But Wonderful Days!

Life has been good lately, busy but good! We ended up having a good time camping, Luke stayed healthy and smiled all the time, he really does love to camp. Here are some of the pictures of our beach bonfire, the hot dogs may be sandy, but it's so much fun eating at the beach.

Last week was full of all kinds of appointments and other necessary items, I took Isaiah in to the Dr. since he has had a horrible runny nose for weeks, I'm pretty sure he has some allergies, he was prescribed all kinds of medications, they are helping, which is a huge relief for Isaiah. On Tuesday I took Luke for a HBOT treatment the first one he's had since April, I couldn't believe it had been that long. On the way home Luke and I went to Costco for a huge shopping trip, we were pretty much out of all the basics in our home, plus needed to get the ingredients for making Luke's formula. I dropped Luke off at home and then went to Trader Joe's and Fred Meyer for the rest of the ingredients. On Wednesday we made Luke's food, then I went in for a much needed massage and Chiropractor appointment, my back has been giving me some grief lately. Thursday I got up early and took Luke for another HBOT dive and then straight to his OT appointment, went home to get our swim suits, picked up some of Isaiah and Ezekiel's friends and took them to the lake for some R & R. They ended up staying that night for a sleep over out in the backyard in our tent, they had a blast.
Amy and I took them home on Saturday afternoon, then ran some errands. Gordy and I went out on a date, which was a wonderful evening, we are so spoiled to live in this beautiful state. Saturday was the 4th, we went to the Steilacoom Parade, just a small town parade, it was fun. After that we went to my sister Jill and her husband John's home for the day, the kids had fun swimming in their pool most of the day as it was a scorcher. That night Gordy took the kids to fireworks, while I stayed at home with Luke and Lily which were wiped out from all the festivities.

Sunday was church then a all church BBQ, we stayed for awhile but it was just too hot for Luke so I brought him home to be in our air conditioned room downstairs for the rest of the day. Today I went on a hike up to some beautiful waterfalls on Mt. Rainier. It was a hard hike up 4,000 feet, but so worth it, it was absolutely gorgeous!

Summer is already about 1/2 way over, hope you are finding time to enjoy yourself, go outside and enjoy God's wonderful nature, it's worth the effort!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Michelle said...

Suzi, so glad you guys had a great time! I prayed for Luke and you while you were gone. We have a very busy week here but I'm still hoping to get together with you soon.

Teena said...

So good to read an update. So thrilled that your camping trip was great... and that Luke did so well. :) YAY~ I love the pics and that is great... all the activities and memories made.

The day we went to pick up Mandi I took the three youngest back to Kennesaw Mtn. where you and I went. It was fun... very hot but fun. Then we went over to Stone Mtn.

Maybe you and I can check out Stone Mtn... when you come back ;)


The Morris Family said...

You got the "real sand!!" I think it would be neat to live close to a beach, its a place to great pics for sure and then to just sit and see the Lord in creation! I have not heard form you in awhile, thanks for stopping by or keeping up with us still!! I know Lori said you got together, is that right? Fun!! I can hardly believe summer is flying by too, the other day it was sooo cool, there was an autumn smell about it and even though I longed for summer, that smell made me excited about fall. We creatures like change, don't we, or maybe me.