Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm so thankful to know that when I am weak, God makes me strong!

Here's Luke flying a kite last month at the beach, he wasn't sure at first if he liked it and then he decided as you can tell by his smile that he loved it!

Luke could use your prayers tonight. He has been struggling with lots of extra secretions today and then earlier I noticed that he was struggling to catch his breath. I hooked him up to his oximeter and found out that his oxygen levels were low and his heart rate pretty high. I knew that I needed to check his temperature and sure enough his temp was up to 102.6. Gordy gave him some Ibuprofen and we stopped his night feeding, as he was gagging on his secretions that it was making him throw up. It is now 2:40 a.m. and he has not alarmed for quite some time again so I'm going to head off to bed in a few minutes and pray that I will get a few hours of sleep tonight.

Thank you so much for all your kind and encouraging words and prayers, I feel so loved! It's pretty humbling for me to admit to y'all that I've been struggling lately, I want to be strong all the time, but I realize that God say's in His Word that when I am weak then He is strong. Therefore I somehow need to find comfort in knowing that if I allow God to Hold me during those rough days, I in turn will be made stronger by His power.

Gordy and I have begun to look for houses this week, we both know that we need to move. My back has been hurting quite a bit lately and the bigger Luke gets the harder it is to have to carry him up the stairs into our home. We are praying that God will show us the perfect house that we need to have for our family. I'm not sure if the timing is right to be house shopping as we are in the middle of planning Natalie's wedding, which will be on September 26th. Please pray with us that we will have God's wisdom to know where and when will be the perfect time and place to move, thank you.

Good night all,

Luke's Mommy Suzi


Rachel E. said...

Love that smile! Praying for Luke to feel better very soon.

annb said...

I am keeping you all in my prayers and will now add "house hunting" to that list, as well!
Your words are so true - finding strength through God when we are weak! I'm so thankful.
I hope Luke begins to turn around soon and feel better quickly!
Luke looked like he really did enjoy the kite flying! Such a big smile.

Teena said...

Praying for Luke... for his fever, breathing and secretions. YOU are in my prayers. Praying God directs you to the house that is the ONE just for you all. Also for the wedding plans....

Yesterday we were putting down new floor in our dining area... and I was taking stuff out of my grandmothers antique corner glass cabinet... the *You are Special* plate you gave me... fell out and broke in pieces on the floor. Guess what... I had a complete melt down... Mandi and her friend came running. Getting the pieces... I was sobbing! Mandi said "mom, is this what Luke's mom sent you?" "yeeeessss" as I was melting! LOL We can glue it... Mom... yes, Mrs. Teena we can glue it"

Don't ever ever forget how very special you are to so many people and how special LUKE is to so many. How much more special both of you are to God. I am still praying for that miracle... and your friends will hold your arms up... WITH YOU... as you wait.

I love you~