Monday, July 13, 2009

Luke does have pnuemonia again, but he is already doing a bit better, thanks for the prayers!

After spending close to 5 hours in Urgent Care, Luke and I were finally sent home last night. He does have another pneumonia and his lungs look a bit worse than they did during his last pneumonia last month. The Dr. gave us the option of putting him in the Hospital to give him an IV antibiotic or giving him a shot of antibiotic then and then another shot today. We of course chose the shot, I think he would of chose the IV, but I'm thankful he let us chose. Luke did start to do much better last night and was almost completely off the oxygen all night long. The shot they gave him caused him great pain, he cried the whole time they were giving it to him, it just about broke my heart to hear him crying like that. I told Gordy that he cried like a "normal" child, it was the first time I've heard him cry like that in 5 long years.

I was blessed to get a good sleep last night, I needed it! I got up refreshed ready to take Isaiah, Ezekiel and Lily to a VBS at the church were Natalie is getting married. I took them to VBS, came home and got Luke ready for his Dr. appointment and then took him, got home just in time to start a load of laundry and take off again to pick up the kids from VBS. Now I'm off to meet a good friend for lunch.

Thank you for your prayers for Luke, I know they are working, but I also know that he is not completely better and still needs them coming in. Be blessed today!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful he is a bit better. You have been on my heart all day. I have talked to the Father several times praying for Luke. Praying for you.

Bless his heart about the shot... I hope this sounds ok for me to say but how awesome that you heard that cry... *normal* Sue, I truly believe God is working a miracle... maybe one we can not see very clearly right now but a miracle still.

This morning as I read Heb. 11... faith is the substance of things not seen.... I thought of you. Hang in there.... YOUR faith has made you WHOLE.... I am praying... I know you are.

I am blessed to call you friend.

Jen said...

Continuing to pray!

dr_bristow said...

So glad to hear Luke is doing better. I'm still praying! Those rocephin injections can be really painful...I hope today's went better.
God bless,

Michelle said...

Still praying. I'm sorry the shots hurt. I don't think Emily has ever had them. Keep us posted so we know how to pray.
Michelle & girls

Kate said...

Bless your hearts! I'm glad you have an answer and were able to avoid an admission, but I'm oh so sorry that he is so sick and that the shot hurt so much. :-( Noah' had some antibiotic shots that were really very painful indeed.

Praying that he feels MUCH better very soon!!!!!


bonbon said...

Hi Sue,it's Bonnie ^^Lauren's^^ mom. I'm glad Luke is doing better. Those shots do hurt. I had one before. Please email me and we can talk about the van!!
Your family is always in my prays.
God Bless