Monday, June 08, 2009

A Peek Into Our Crazy Week!

We took another ride on Luke's roller coaster ride this past week. The only way that I get through weeks like last week is by hanging on tight to my Precious Father's BIG hand!

Monday was a very busy day, it began at the Dentist with myself, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Lily getting our teeth cleaned. Natalie brought Luke to me to take from there to his Pulmonologist appointment. It was a follow up appointment after Luke got his tonsils out, his Dr. said that Luke is doing pretty good, he is basically past the most dangerous part of his life since his airway is getting bigger all the time. Unless Luke comes down with a horrible pneumonia he should probably live to be 20 to 30 years old. Wow, what a huge statement to make, of course he did mention that he realizes that only God can know for sure, he is a Christian man and knows that God is the only one who can ultimately decide that for sure.

Luke getting a breathing treatment at the Pulmonologist Office
Tuesday started out with lots of laundry and then I called my sister Cindy to see how it was going moving her son Joseph and his wife Gina into their new home. After talking to her I realized that they needed help so I jumped into my van and drove 2 hours down to Vancouver, WA to help clean their apartment and take a few loads of stuff over to their new home. I got home that night around midnight, finally got to bed to be woke up by Gordy who had scratched his eye and was in horrible pain all night long.

Wednesday I thought for sure this would be a day that I could stay home and get caught up on some major details around the home, but not to be. I ended up taking Gordy to the eye Dr., he found out that he scratched his cornea and would not be able to put his contacts back in for at least 4 to 5 days. Without his contacts he is legally blind, therefore is of course unable to drive. After getting home I only had a few minutes before Natalie and I had to leave for our appointment with the wedding coordinator at the church that they've decided to get married at. The date has been set it is going to be September 26th at 1:00 p.m. We've gotten a lot of the details done, but we still have a lot to do.

Thursday was another day of appointments for Luke, he saw his OT at noon and then he had an appointment to see his rehab Dr. at 1:30. We decided that since the muscle relaxant medication that Luke has been on has not worked the way we would of liked, we are going to wean him off of it. It was causing him to want to sleep a lot more and looked drugged all the time, he was also losing his head control and just wasn't seeming like our Luke boy. We finally decided to schedule a date for a Bacalafen pump trial. This was a road I didn't want to go down, but alas Luke's muscle tone issues have gotten worse and we need to figure out how we can help him the best way that we can.

Luke getting adjustments to his wheelchair/stroller at the CTU

Friday began with school, got the laundry going, a few chores and then I took off to visit a friend of mine in the Hospital. Her daughter Emily, who needs lots of prayers right now has been in and out of the hospital for the last few weeks, she is having feeding problems, her body is not letting her accept her food without much pain and throwing up. Please be praying for Emily to get better and for Michelle her mom to have her strength and joy renewed. If you want to keep up to date about Emily's prayer needs you can check out her blog, The Tender Scribe, to the left under blogger friends. On my way home from the Hospital I locked my keys into my van while filling up with gas at Costco, had to wait for 30 minutes for Amy to come with an extra key. Shortly after I got home Amy and Natalie took off for a Youth Leaders retreat.

Saturday was the day I was sure to finally get caught up on the laundry, which I did get it all washed and dried but still have not finished folding and putting it all away yet, oh well it's a losing battle. Later that afternoon we took the kids to the Hands on Museum and then over to my parent's home so that we could take a walk with them on the wonderful trail near their home.

Sunday was a good day, it began by being quite late for church, Gordy got called to work but at least me and the kids were able to go. After church I fed the kids and then Gordy and I were able to get away for a little bit of time for lunch and a little shopping. Later in the day Amy and I went down to see Daniel, she had never been to his home and it's been way too long since I had been there. We went for a beautiful walk with him and his girl friend Sara, up, up, up, the mountain behind his home, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Here we are on our walk up "Daniel's Mountain"

Monday was a great day, I woke up to sunshine and thought what a perfect day for a field trip to the Mountain. I loaded up the van with the kids and we took off to Mt. Rainier. It was such a wonderful trip there, so beautiful. We took a short little hike around one of the many trials, we all had a great time, though Luke was not very happy on the way home. He has been much more vocal and seems to be in lots of discomfort since we've cut out one of his muscle relaxant medications. The Dr. told us we could just stop it, but I think that we probably should of weaned him off it. It has been so hard to hear him crying and see the tears in his eyes, if he is not doing better by tomorrow I will be calling his Dr. to be sure that he told me the correct information about weaning him.

Here we are at Mt. Rainier

Wow, didn't mean to write a book, sometimes I get carried away, sorry about that. I know that if I would just sit down more often these posts wouldn't get so long. Hope you enjoyed your peek into our week!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Teena said...

I love peeking into your week. A very busy one at that. Praying for all of you. For Luke with his coming off the meds. I am excited to see you. Sorry if I miscommunicated with you... it has been crazy here. Getting Mandi ready and we are excited.... plus leaving for the beach next week... but it is ALL good. We do have some colds... so we are praying and taking vit. c!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you had one crazy week! Do you have any [pictures you can post from your cruise?
All of a sudden my password does not work!
It's me, Cindy in California.