Monday, February 15, 2010

This was a very hard day, full of lots of disappointments and stress, not the "Too Much Fun Day" that I had planned:[

This was one of those days that I hope never have to relive again as long as I live. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy that we are home and not in the hospital tonight, but even with the joy of being at home it was still a very rough and stressful day. After I helped get the kids ready and their snack packed for the day, Gordy left with them to have their "Too much Fun Day." I then got ready to take Luke into Urgent Care. He was having such a rough morning and I knew that we needed to get there ASAP. When I arrived at Urgent Care I realized that Luke's wheelchair stroller was not in the back of the van. There was no way that I could take him in without help so I turned the van around and went back home for his chair. When I left I didn't know that the van was almost empty so I had to stop for gas on the way home, so that I wouldn't run out on our way back to Urgent Care. Not a pleasant way to start a very long day at the Urgent Care.

When we finally were seen by the admitting nurse I could tell she was very concerned for Luke, as was I by that time. When she hooked him up and his oxygen numbers where in the 80's and stayed there even after I turned up his oxygen to 3 liters. When she looked at his fingernails they were a beautiful blue color, not the color you want to see on any person. Needless to say she got Luke back to a room ASAP. We had two nurses immediately in there very concerned about Luke's oxygen deprivation, they hooked him up to their oxygen and turned it up to 5 liters, I knew that Luke would not do well with it being turned up that high, it just blows too hard into his nose to really do him any good. When the Dr. came in a few minutes later I told him that Luke would probably do better if we turned it down a bit and he agreed to try, it did help him a little bit.

After the Dr. listened to Luke's lungs he decided that Luke should go up for a x-ray to be sure he didn't have pneumonia. We waited another hour for the radiologist to call him back, because it was a holiday there was only one person working today. After his x-ray we got back down to his room and once again Luke's oxygen numbers were plummeting way to low and his heart rate was soaring. The Dr. came in shortly with the news that Luke had pneumonia in his lower right lung and his lower left lung had collapsed, not the news I was looking for. He took another look at Luke and thought that Luke should probably go over to the Hospital, I asked him if we could try a mask on Luke for awhile first to see if that would help his oxygen numbers and praise God after putting on the mask and getting some prayers going he began to make a good turn around. They gave him two very painful shots of antibiotics and a prescription for one more antibiotic to take home and told me to call Luke's pediatrician in the morning with an update on how Luke is doing for further instructions of what to do next.

What a difference 24 hours make! Last night at this time I was so stressed out knowing that Luke would need to go into to Urgent Care, tonight Luke is doing soooo much better, he is on blow by and his heart rate is almost back to normal. My prayer right now is that I will wake up to a healthy boy, that is what in faith I'm believing is going to happen, in Jesus Precious Name, Amen.

Now I'm exhausted staying up way to late trying to get caught up on some necessary tasks that just won't wait another day. I got my laundry finished and folded, now all I need to do is get it put away tomorrow. Amy helped me get the birthday presents wrapped, as mentioned in my last post, Natalie turned 21 today, her birthday party is tomorrow night. My dad turns 80 on Wednesday and we are celebrating Gordy's 50th on Friday night. Lots of details still need to be done for those parties and I am working on getting them all accomplished:]

I keep believing that Luke is going to be back to 100% by Saturday, that's the day we are supposed to be leaving for our cruise. Trusting in God is so very hard some days, but I know that the reward if I can truly do it will be so wonderful!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

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Teena said...

Sue, praying for Luke!!! I am so sorry you went through all that with him....

Praying with you that he will be 100% even.... by Thursday! Keep us posted.