Friday, February 12, 2010

We are happy to report Luke does not have pneumonia, only a nasty sinus infection and we are praying that will go away today!

I did take Luke in yesterday to his Pediatrician and after listening to his lungs, the Dr. assured me that Luke did not have pneumonia PRAISE GOD! But he did say that the lymph nodes on the back of Luke throat look enlarged and from the sound of his symptoms he thought that Luke has a sinus infection. Which make perfect sense to me since all the gunk is settling in the back of his throat causing him to need to be suctioned constantly to keep it clear. He prescribed some Amoxicillin to help clear up the infection, normally I wouldn't be a proponent of putting Luke on a antibiotic, but we really need to get him completely healthy before next weekend. He seems to be doing a little better this morning, we are believing for a complete and total healing today:}

Amy is feeling so much better, thank you for your prayers. But now it seems like the evil cough has attacked Lily, she was woke up numerous times last night coughing like crazy, now I'm wondering if I should take her into the Dr. today or wait a few days to see if it continues. More questions, I'm praying for more wisdom and answers from Jesus today. It's so comforting that the Lord's wisdom is so abundant and free to receive.

We are getting ready for a BIG weekend, for that matter a very busy week full of Birthday's and fun. My Dad is turning 80 next week and for his Birthday party he wanted to have a BUNCO party, so tomorrow at 5:00 at our church we are planning a fun party to celebrate 80 wonderful years. If you would like to come you are definitely welcome he wants everyone that knows him to come. Let me know if you need instructions. Then of course Sunday is Valentines day, Monday is Natalie 21st Birthday we are planning a too much fun day that day and celebrating her birthday the next evening. Then we are planning a small family party for Gordy's 50th Birthday on Friday night. We leave for the cruise Saturday night, oh my goodness I really don't know how much sleep I will get next week, but that is okay because I will be getting caught up on the cruise:}

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Lindsey and Santana said...

Whew... at least a sinus infection and nothing more! Good thing you went in because we all know what that could turn into!!! Praying for a quick recovery! We Love you Luke!!!!! Enjoy all the parties!!!!

Santana sends high fives!!!!

Michelle said...

I've been praying for Luke. I'm glad things are a bit better. Wow, party, party, party! We have one scheduled for here too. We'll be going to dinner. Have a fun week.

Anonymous said...

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Tiffany said...

Great news, Sue! Will be praying for you all as you party through the upcoming week! I am so very glad that you and Gordy are getting away on a well-deserved cruise to celebrate each other and your marriage. Much love!