Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food making + trip over the mountain + advocating in Olympia + prayers that Luke doesn't get the Chicken pox = This POST!

As you can see by the picture posted below we made Luke's food last week. I was blessed by the fact that Natalie, Amy, Lance & my nephew Jamison were there to help. Natalie had to leave a bit early and Bonnie who usually comes to help had the chicken pox, so needless to say it took quite a bit longer than usual to get it all done. I think I washed dishes for almost an hour. Oh well, it's done until sometime in March.
As I mentioned above Bonnie came down with the chicken pox last week and I really had to give my fear of Luke getting them over to God. Isaiah did come down with a very light case of chicken pox last weekend, because he had the shot he ended up only having a few bumps break out. I'm praying that Luke does not get them, for one thing it would be so uncomfortable for him since he doesn't really know how to itch himself if he gets itchy and for the reason that in some kids the chicken pox can cause pneumonia during their break out. Please join me in prayers believing that none of the other kids will get them.

Since our schedule was empty for the weekend I decided to take Zeke and Lily over to visit my sister Lori and her husband Lonnie. We left late afternoon on Friday and got home Monday night. It was so wonderful to be able to get some uninterrupted sleep, spend a very lazy Saturday doing what ever we wanted to do and then to just spend time with Zeke and Lily reading to me. I know that we were all blessed by our time there, the pictures below were taken from their back porch, if you look really closely you will see the mighty Columbia river off in the distance.

We had a blast going bowling on Sunday night at the tiny Lake Chelan Bowling Alley and I actually got a few strikes, miracles still happen!

The drive home was so amazing, the kids had been asking to eat at McDonald's all weekend and since we've not been there in a long time we stopped at Leavenworth. We then took a bit of a break and went on a nice walk in the cold brisk air before traveling on over Stevens Pass. It was absolutely beautiful as we drove over the pass, I LOVE looking a rivers and the river on this pass is one of my favorites!
As I mentioned awhile ago I'm currently involved in a Advocacy Leadership Training course in Pierce County. This evening our class went to The Community of People with Disabilities of Washington State Legislature Reception down in Olympia at our beautiful capital building. To be honest with y'all I wasn't really wanting to go, Luke had been having a rough day, his heart rate was high all day, just acting like he was going to get sick, but no fever and oxygen levels were fine, needless to say I decided to go, Amy assured me that she was okay watching him while I was gone. I'm so glad I went, I was able to talk with two of my Legislators and have been invited to join one of them on a brain storming session on what we can do to help the people with disabilities who are currently not getting any assistance at all in our state, Luke being one of those people, get the assistance that they really need. I was also able to connect with many other people there that are constantly looking for people willing to share their stories at the hearings, needless to say they are very excited about the fact that I would be willing to go share my story down in Olympia. Now I just need to find the time to fit this very important task into my already very busy schedule.
I'm so happy to report to y'all that Luke is doing so much better tonight, his heart rate is back to normal and he's just on a little bit of extra oxygen.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

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