Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lot's and lot's of pictures from December!

Our Lily Joy is 6, she had a Birthday on December 20th
She had a Tea Party Birthday Party at Tia Yoli's house
Here we are at the party
Every Christmas Eve we always go Christmas Caroling,
delivering a plate of goodies to our neighbors
Christmas Morning

Natalie was so excited to give Luke this beautiful blanket that
she made for him, she is so talented!

Christmas Breakfast, we always have Apple bread pudding
a old family recipe passed down by my Father's Mother.
Boys will be boys, doesn't matter what age they are!
Here is Luke with Daniel on Daniel's adoption day
Daniel with his new family, Juan, Yoli, Spencer, Bonnie and Karlos Rodriguez
Me and my girls waiting to go into the court room to make Daniel's adoption official
Here are Yoli and I on the first day of the year, our goal this year is to walk everyday, so far we have meet our goal, wish us luck to complete our goal. It was freezing cold!

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Michelle said...

Your kids have the most beautiful smiles! I enjoyed every picture. Thanks for sharing.


Michelle & girls