Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blessed Beyond Belief - God is Good ALL the time, On the Days that seem impossible to get through and on the days that are full of amazing blessings.

Here are my sweet children on Easter

What a wonderful blessing to see our family grow:-)
The last two days have been full of amazing blessings from the Lord. Yesterday we had some great news concerning some financial assistance that we've recieved from the hospital, Luke's bills we had were paid for, which was a wonderful blessing. Then today when I called to pay off the remaining bill that we had for Luke's vest percussion machine I found out that after our insurance company paid off their portion we only had a 1/3 of what we thought we going to have to pay. We are so thankful to God for His amazing provision in paying off these huge medical bills for us.

Another piece of great news that we got yesterday was that I found a young lady that is willing to come and help out with Luke's care a few mornings a week. My sister Cindy has been faithfully helping 2 mornings each week with Luke's care for years now, to say I'm thankful for her constant help would be the biggest understatement of the year. Then this past year Natalie has also been helping two days a week. Natalie is now over 6 months pregnant and it is becoming very difficult for her to lift Luke in and out of the bathtub, I've been asking her for a few months if she was still able to do it, I didn't want her to get hurt or hurt the baby, but she was comfortable with it until just recently. I have been praying for God to fill in her spot and He is so faithful to direct me to a young lady that has babysat for Luke a few times in the past. Her name is Alexis and she only lives about 2 blocks away, she was just as excited to be asked to help us out, as we were that she is so willing to bless our family. She will start out with just a few hours each week in the morning, but will increase in hours when Natalie has her baby, she is willing to be very flexible in her hours and is a HUGE answer to our prayers.

Isaiah celebrated his birthday after Easter dinner with the family. Once again we begin the teen years with our children, we are blessed to have such wonderful kids.
Luke hanging out with dad at Isaiah's birthday party
Josh and Isaiah at the beach
Natalie and I getting blown away at the beach
On Isaiah's birthday spent the day at the beach,we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, which is not usual for Washington this time of the year or any other time of year for that fact:)


annie said...

Love seeing and hearing about all the blessings!!! How are the wedding plans going?

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue I'm rejoicing in my heart with you for these praises!!! Amen! God is sooo amazingly faithful!! Also, I can't believe how grown up Isaiah is!!! I miss you and hope we get a chat session soon! Blessings to you! Love, Mary

Teena said...

Love the pics! Good to read the update.

Much love,