Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Two sick kids + Two good reports = A very challenging day of mixed emotions

My challenging day really began yesterday after working out in the yard for a few hours. Isaiah, who I thought was just slacking off told me that he had a horrible headache and then when I came in an hour later to hear him hacking away felt really bad. You see he had just helped me cut down some of the branches that we've had hanging over our fence for the past month, so that I could mow our yard. I didn't realize how crummy he was feeling until I heard his horrible cough. Then a few hours later at about midnight Amy told me that she was feeling sick to her stomach and a few minutes later starting throwing up, which lasted for a few hours until she couldn't even keep water down. Needless to say I didn't get a lot of sleep as I laid in bed and listened to her throwing up for a good part of the night.

I was up very early today, bearly able to open my eyes from the exhaustion of only getting a few hours of sleep, but knowing that I immediately needed to get details taken care for the day since Amy was sick and I had to take Luke to two appointments starting at 9:30 am. I am grateful to say that my sister Cindy came over earlier than usual, gave Luke a bath, did his vest treatment and fed him, while I got on the phone to ask our wonderful friend Brenda if she could come to our house for her reading class instead us going over there, thankfully she was willing to do that for us today. After that was done I had to figure out all the details for what Amy had planned for the day, she had organized a work day at our church to paint the downstairs, thankfully once again my sister Cindy volunteered to take the paint over to the church and open it up for the workers, my wonderful friend Yoli volunteered to make the sandwiches that Amy was going to take for all the workers and Gordy worked from home so that he could help watch the kids.
Luke loves watching fish swim:-)
I got to Luke's appointment a few minutes late, thankful that the Speech therapist was still finishing up her previous appointment. I was hoping that she could help us figure out a way to help Luke get better about communicating what he wants instead of having to yell all the time. She was very pleased to see the fact that Luke will follow directions when he wants to, making toys work as he would press down on switch buttons. She noticed that from the time you ask him to do something it usually takes him about 30 seconds to respond, but he almost always does within that time period. We are going to start with a very simple clear laminated plastic sheet with a green yes and a red no on it and then I will ask Luke to look at what he is wanting, whether that's watching a movie or listening to a book. I'm really hoping this will just be the beginning of him being able to communicate with us.

We went straight from that appointment to see his pulmonologist and we were doubly blessed by the fact that his Dr. said that he thought that Luke was looking and sounding good today. He thought that perhaps what the radiologist saw on the x-ray was from some previous pneumonia, because he agreed with me that it doesn't seem like Luke has pneumonia right now. We are still going to proceed with trying to get a cough assist machine, in hope that it will help Luke get more productive coughs happening, hoping that our insurance company will okay it without a lot of hassle.

In trying to be quick about loading up Luke into the van in the pouring rain after our appointment I accidently pulled the back van door down on my head, needless to say I was suffering from a horrible headache, which made the drive home miserable. It finally started to subside after I took some ibuprofen, thank goodness.

I hope and pray that when I wake up tomorrow that Amy will be feeling better and that Isaiah's cough will be better too, though if it's not I think I will be taking him to the Dr. as it's been sounding nasty for a few days now. Please join with me in praying that no one else will catch Amy's nasty flu bug or Isaiah's cough.

I saw this saying on face book this evening and thought it was a very thought provoking quote. I'm not sure it's biblical, but it sure seems to be true in my life lately. I find myself asking God "WHY" alot lately, not a good place to be I know, for when we ask why, we are not trusting. I have been struggling lately with how "unfair" life can be, there I said it outloud for all to hear, now you know how I really feel. Okay enough said, I'm really tired so I'm going to go to bed. GOOD NIGHT.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

I am praying for your family, because I know that you are going through a very hard time. God will help you through, because he never gives us something hard to go through, though it does not seem that way most times :)

Jean said...

Praying for you, Sue. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. Remember God is Love. When you wonder where he is, look for the love. I pray that he will give you strength, and that you will feel his presence. I also pray that you are able to get some rest.

Nikki said...

Great quote. Good luck with finding a way for Luke to communicate!

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