Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Please pray Luke goes in for surgery this morning at 8 am

I can't remember the last time I posted 2 blog postings in one day, but I didn't want to include this prayer request for Luke in the announcement of the birth of our precious new grand baby Abigail. Luke will go in for surgery tomorrow morning at 8 am to have a Baclafen pump put into him. 

We are hoping that this pump will help to limber him up so that we can finally get his knees bending again, along with bringing much needed relief to the constant severe muscle spacity that he deals with on a daily basis. It's a pretty major surgery that will require him to be cut open in the front to place the pump in his abdomen area, then stringing the catheter from the pump around to the back and then cutting open his back so that they can insert the catheter into the correct spot in spinal cord. I'm very happy to say that the surgeon that Luke has tomorrow has put in over 300 pumps and is very experienced with what he will need to do. 

Please pray:
  • that Luke will make it through the surgery with no major problems,
  • for the surgeon to do exactly what needs to be done correctly, 
  • that his body will not reject the pump,
  • that there will be no infections.
  • that he will stay healthy and not have any respiratory issues,
  • that it will be a short hospital stay,
  • that I will have the strength and courage that I need to get through another surgery
Thank you and God bless you,
Luke's Mommy Sue


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Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures of grama Sue and grandpa Gordy with their precious grandblessings! And crying out to the Lord on behalf of LUke!! Blessings! Love, Mary