Monday, August 06, 2012

Really Amazing News To Share, Great News, Good News and Challenging News

Just want to begin by letting everyone know that Luke did great during his surgery, he woke up pretty much right away this time in the recovery room. Once we got him into his room he did cry like I've never seen him cry in pain, after getting him some meds to help with the pain he settled down and slept most the rest of the day. He did so good they let us go home the next day, once we were home he continued to do great except for being in pain when we moved him. Moving him became a huge challenge during those days, so much so that I wrenched by back, but thankfully I'm feeling better once again. 

I so wish  I could say that he continued to do great but no, can't say that at all. It seemed like everytime they would turn up the medication in his pump he would not respond good at all, to the point that he would throw up for a couple of days and require lots of extra oxygen. So needless to say we've had to have his pump turned down twice now and I'm not sure if that's helping either. I took him into his Pediatrician last Monday because I thought perhaps he was dealing with some kind of sickness because of his need for constant oxygen and the throwing up he was doing. But after x-rays it was decided that he did not have pneumonia, but then took him into his Physiatrist last Wednesday, who is the Dr. in charge of his pump medication and he thought he did hear crackles in his lungs so we started him on his first antibiotic since March, since then we have not seen much improvement, erk. Which brings us to earlier today when I decided to take him into his Pediatrician again, he thought his problem are related to the baclafen  pump so he sent us to get it turned down again. After sleeping most of the day, he decided that he didn't want to sleep tonight, so it's either been gagging on way too much secretions, constant suctioning or alarming from his oxygen dropping way too low. Another sleepless night for me.
 Now onto some good news. Daniel and Sarah welcomed Penelope Grace into their family on July 30th, both baby and mom are doing really good:-) She's so precious and we are feeling so incredibly blessed. 

Other news in our family: Gordy and I were able to get away for two nights to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary, we had a great time, though it was a bit stressful at times since that was when Luke started throwing up and needing lots of extra oxygen. Needless to say we went home to a very sick Luker man.

Gordy and I visiting one of our favorite beaches on the Oregon Coast Oswald West Beach


I have been telling the boys all summer long that they could have a campout in our back yard, so last week squeezed in between Amy's bridal shower on Saturday, Penelopes birth on Monday, Luke being sick with Dr. appointments, buying and then making the food for my neices wedding on Saturday, we had a overnighter with 10 boys sleeping in tents in the back yard. They all had a great time and got along wonderfully. Yep, I did it again way overscheduled myself this past week.

Some of the boys playing a card game during their backyard overnighter

The Toilet Paper wedding dress contest at Amy's bridal shower

Janell and John's wedding ceremony, they were married by Janell's dad John

Josh, Natalie and Abigail, such a sweet looking family:-)
Janell and Lily right before she walked down the aisle.

The boys all dressed up and waiting for the ceremony to begin.
3 generations
My sisters Lori, Jill, myself and Cindy

Love this picture of my girls:-)

Would you please pray that Luke will get better? Here it is morning and I'm just now climbing into bed, this night has been horrible. I keep praying that we will not need to be admitted into the hospital, but after another night like we've had tonight it's seeming more of a possibility. I'm so thankful that with God all things are possible, including Him healing Luke of whatever is causing all these problems he is having, that is what I'm believing for today, won't you please join me in these prayers. Thank you.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

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