Friday, August 17, 2012

Appointments, Appointments And Even More Appointments

Last week I was so excited, because Luke didn't have any appointments scheduled all week long, boy oh boy was I in for a disappointing week. You see I've been telling my good friend Yoli that I would watch her 3 little guys, for her so that she and her hubbie Juan could get away for a few days and of course since Luke didn't have any appoinments scheduled that week I thought it would be a great time to finally follow through on my offer. Can I just say right now if it hadn't been for Amy my wonderful daughter and Gordy I would not of been able to follow through on keeping the boys at our home and here's the reason why:

8/6/12 It all started Monday morning when I realized that Luke was just not getting better after being into see his Pediatrician the previous week. Before I even climbed out of bed I realized that I needed to call his Dr. to make an appointment at which time I found out his Dr. was not in that day, so I decided to call his rehab Dr. who has been dealing with the pump issues he's been having, he too was out of the office that day, so then I called his Pulmonologist and found out that I couldn't get Luke into to see him until Wednesday, so I decided to call back to his Pediatrician to see if we could get him in the next day. His Pediatrician nurse suggested we try a new Dr. that day, which always makes me nervous to see someone who has never seen Luke before, thankfully he referred often to previous notes and with help of the nurse who really knows Luke it was a good appointment. So he decided that we should do an x-ray, lab work and possibly get into see his rehab Dr. that day. The x-ray went ok, but the lab tech couldn't get a good vien to get his blood work done, so then they sent us down to his rehab Dr., whose nurse was able to fit us in, she turned down his pump and then sent us over to a different lab to see if we could get blood drawn there, thankfully they were able to get it done. That lab showed that he was definitely brewing an infection so the Dr. decided to up his antibiotic. All said and done I spent close to 5 hours in Dr.'s offices, labs, x-rays . . . I went home that night to a full house, you see Daniel and Sarah were bringing over new baby Penelope to meet the family, along with my mom and dad, uncle, sister and Yoli's 3 little guys, yep you can say our house was major busy that night:-) Needless to say I was exhausted and was so thankful to Gordy and Amy who made dinner for everyone that night. 

8/7/12 Tuesday Luke was doing a little better, so no appointments that day.

8/8/12 Wednesday after talking to his rehab Dr. it was decided that he wanted to see Luke again to assess him for himself, so I took him in at  2:30 and after listening to Luke's lungs he decided that we needed to go straight to the ER so that Luke could be admitted into the hospital. Thank goodness after talking with the Dr. in the ER she agreed with me that Luke didn't seem like he needed to be hospitalized, he was only on 1 1/2 liters of oxygen, she agreed that he did have pneumonia, thought after another x-ray was done and it was decided that he didn't have anything new brewing in his lungs. She sent us home with instructions to continue doing what we do best, keep a close eye on Luke and if he seemed to get any worse at all to go back in. So all in all Luke and I spent about 6 hours at appointments that day. 

Getting ready to go into the Emergency Room to be admitted to the hospital
8/9/12 Thursday I was woke up by Luke's nurse asking me how Luke was doing and thankfully I was able to assure her was doing better. He continued to be on oxygen but he really was doing better.
Waiting, waiting and more waiting in the ER
8/10/12 Friday I was once again woke up by Luke's PT calling to see if we were going to keep our appointment that day, I decided that I just couldn't handle another appointment and she understood, since Luke had been so sick why we were cancelling. 

Getting ready to head home from the ER
8/11/12 Saturday we finally got around to cleaning the bed that was donated to Luke last May, after emptying it out from all the stuff that had been collecting in it in our garage we cleaned it up and took it up to Luke's room. It's so nice to finally have a bed that we can crank up, along with being able to crank up the head or the foot if need be. I wish I could say his first night in his new bed was a good one but nope, it ended up being a very challenging night with me needing to suction him almost every 15 minutes long all night long.
Luke's new bed, Santana's old bed, THANK YOU Lindsey and James:-)
8/12/12 Sunday I finally climbed into bed around 5:30 a.m. and had to climb right back out a few hours later to get Lily ready for church and then get Luke ready and fed for the day. Needless to say when Gordy got home from church I went back to bed, I think that was the second nap I've taken this year, I really don't like naps but I knew I wasn't going to be able to go on another second without some sleep. Sunday night was another challenging night.

8/13/12 Monday I knew when I got up I needed to call to see if I could get Luke into his Pulmonologist to see if there was anything he could recommend to help get Luke over this current sickness. His Dr. looked at his x-ray and after listening to his lungs deteremined that Luke was probably dealing with bronchitis more than pneumonia, so he prescribed a steriod and told us that we could just finish up his current antibiotic and not start a new one at this time. 
Luke waiting to see the Pulmonologist
8/14/12 Tuesday I took a day off, I went to get my back worked on, then I went to lunch at a friends house, we went for a 4 mile walk, then I went to get my hair done and finished the day by doing some shopping.

8/15/12 Wednesday I took Luke into see his rehab Dr. once again and after listening to his lungs he was happy to say that Luke was sounding soooooo much better, yahoo!! He decided to turn up his baclafen pump just a tiny bit and we are going to leave it there for a few weeks, so far he seems to be doing fine with this increase thank goodness.

8/16/12 Thursday Luke continues to do better everyday, after picking up the boys from a friends house I took the kids to the library for an hour, it was so good to be able to do something ordinary with the kids:-) After getting the kids home and Luke set up in our downstairs family room the only room that has a window air conditioner in the house, because the rest of the house was 87 degrees, Gordy and I went out on a date. I ended the evening shopping getting ready to host a baby shower for my newest grand baby girl on Saturday.

PLEASE pray that Luke continues to get better and better everyday, next week is Amy and Lance's wedding and I keep telling Luke's Dr.'s I NEED a healthy boy for that week and for the wedding. After the wedding we are hoping to get away for a week of camping on the Oregon coast, I know you may think I'm crazy planning that right away but I'm hoping that it will be relaxing for the most part:-) Then we say good bye to Josh, Natalie and Abigail as they move to Missouri, yep we have some HUGE changes happening in our family this summer!!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

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Teena said...

Oh wow... so much going on... life continues to change. Didn't know Natalie was moving? I know your heart must hurt. Praying for you. Praying for Amy's wedding, for Luke to continue to get better and everything else!

Much much love,