Saturday, September 29, 2012

I did it!! I walked/jogged/biked 26 1/2 miles to complete a marathon for my fellow Marathon Moms.

Well I did it, I said I would and I actually did it, yep I did a 26 1/2 mile marathon today. Nope it wasn't a race in fact it wasn't a traditional marathon, it was a marathon to raise awareness and money for my friends and fellow marathon moms, for our 3rd Annual Mom's of Near Drown Children Retreat happening next weekend. I began with a 10 mile walk/jog, then jumped on my bike for a 13 mile ride, in the middle of the ride I walked two more miles and then finished with Gordy, my kids and sister Cindy for the last mile.
Here I am celebrating with my family that I just got done completing 26 1/2 miles
Just finished my second mile, going strong at this time
The Rodriguez Family cheering me on as I finish my 4th mile
Yoli joined me for 6 miles
Isaiah went with me on my 13 mile bike ride

Amy joined me in the middle of my bike ride and walked another mile with me at Lake Wahop
Gordy, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Lily, Luke and Aunt Cindy joined me for the last mile   

 Once again I've listed out what makes a marathon Mom:
  • It’s a Mom who has a child that had a near drowning accident that is now unable to walk, talk, move or do anything for themselves. She changes that child’s diaper, even though they are way too old for diapers, she feeds that child because without her help that child would starve to death, she bathes that child which means she has to pick that child up and carry that child into the bath or shower and regardless of the pain she feels in her back she can’t give up on the care of their daily needs, because it’s a necessity that needs to be done. 
  • It’s a mom that is dedicated to being sure that her child is receiving all the care and treatments that are available for that child to receive, no matter what the cost or time commitment is. 
  • It’s a mom who no matter how tired she is and let me tell you she is definitely tired most days from either constant alarms going off at all hours of the day and night or perhaps she tired from getting her child to numerous medical appointments, while at the same time juggling her husband and other children at home, she keeps on going.
  • It’s a mom who constantly tells herself to not lose hope even when the medical community has told her on numerous occasions that their child would be better dead than alive, yes most of us have been told that a time or two or they are telling her to just give up, but she refuses to stop believing in her child.
  • It’s a mom who is in this journey for the long haul, it isn’t a sprint, its a marathon. And even when they can’t even see a tiny speck of light at the end of the tunnel they do not lose hope in thinking that their child will do better tomorrow, but tomorrow sometimes never seems to come.
  • It's Annie Pettigrew Izzy's mom, Lindsey Black Santana's mom, Shauna Quintero Christian's mom, Tiffany Vara Abbie's mom, Erin Wright Aidan's mom, Kehau Edgamin Caleb's mom, Teresa Jewkes Samuel's mom, Julie Stafford Joey's mom, Jill Hostetler Seth's mom, Lisa Churek Brock's mom, Amy Vinson Jake's mom, Janet Ritenburgh Travis's mom, Sabine Summerville Michael's mom, Kahne Siedel Sam's mom, Joanna Barona Ethan's mom, Gina Harbison JP's mom, Cierra Sonetti Austin's mom, Dawn Gough Collins mom, myself Sue Searles Luke's mom and so many more mom's. 
I'm so thankful that Julie, one of the mom's coming to the retreat decided to do some fund raising this year for the retreat with her help we have just about raised all the money that we need for our retreat, which is actually happening next weekend. YES, I said next weekend it's hard to believe it will be here that quickly. 

Please, please keep all the mom's listed above and their families in your prayers this week as they prepare to come, pray that their special kiddos will all stay healthy and that everything will go smoothly while they are gone. 

Thank you once again for your prayers and your support,
Luke's Marathon Mommy Sue 

PS Luke could also use your prayers as he is still having trouble keeping his oxygen levels up. He's been on almost constant oxygen for the last couple weeks and nights continue to be a nightmare for Gordy and I as we continually have to get up all through the night to respond to his alarms.

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