Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A business with a heart

Who says businesses don't have a heart? Well, I found out the other day, they do. In March, I took Luke to get his pictures taken as a surprise for Sue. These were the only professional pictures we had of Luke. The other day Sue asked if we had any good pictures of Luke and I thought about the pictures from Yuen Lui's Studio. I called Yuen Lui's and spoke with Melissa and I asked her if I could buy a proof of each pose. I explained to her that these were the only pictures of Luke before the accident. To my great surprise she told me that she would make me a copy of all the files. I was so surprised, all I could do was cry. So when someone tells you that businesses dont have a heart, remember that Yuen Lui's does. Thank You for the gift of the photos of my son.


Julie in NC said...

What a sweet gift! I am so glad that you got these pictures. Little Luke you look so nice. Gordy, what a great gift! I am so glad that you took time to do this for Sue...your love for her is very clear! We are on different time zones ( I know that you know that) I have started to pray for you guys as soon as I get up in the morning. I know that is still very early at your home and I start praying that you will get deep sleep! We are in prayer for tomorrow ( G-tube). Have a wonderful day! I pray that the blessing of peace and love will be in your home today! Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

Julie, I am glad you are in an earlier time zone, many mornings at 4-6 PST is when we really need the Lord's strength to carry on until later morning. It is not uncommon for Luke to be awake from 4-6 and then sleep some during 6-9. So thank You for those early prayers, plus having already been prayed for is a great way to start the day.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome gift. God is so good to us. There are a lot of big hearts in this world. We need to hear more of these stories. I sure do love you all.
Lots of love, Auntie Cindy (-:

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Hi Gordy,

What an awesome pic! That's neat that YL did that for you! We've been impressed with their liberality of reprinting, etc. if there hasn't been total satisfaction. This just etches a little higher level of respect for them in my book!

Sue mentioned that you're going through a position change at work. Ultimately, will that mean more time at home (even though the transition right now is probably keeping you busier than you want to be)?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo, and what a blessing! Gordy, Sue, Daniel, Amy, Natalie, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Luke, I want you to know that we check the blog daily, even though we don't usually post, we're always keeping up with what's going on, and Luke is continuously in our prayers. We love you guys so much, and we tell our friends and co-workers about little Luke and the miracle that he is.
Jesse and Rebekah

Mommy_2 said...

We know that the Lord is going to restore Luke so he can have another picture taken that is just as precious. Thank you so much for sharing it! We appreciate being able to lift Luke and your family up in prayer. I wanted to let you know your story has become a great witnessing tool at work. I have Luke's picture as my screensaver and people constantly stop by to ask about the adorable little boy...door's open, I walk through it, I share the Luke and the Lord with them. Thank you so much for sharing with us so we can share with others.

Teena from GA said...

Dear Sue & Gordy, I too, like Julie live in a different time zone. I also have a baby that is almost 16 months and sleeps with us. He wakes a couple times and I pray for Luke to sleep. When I wake up I pray for all of you as it is still early morning (wee hours) where you are! I am praying today for the tube and also the other appts. you have. The picture of Luke is so very precious... so very very special!! I know you all just love them!!! I love when you post pictures....
Wow, along with everything with Luke ... you built a room! I know that your life is so very busy! I thank you both for taking the time to post. Sue, I am still praying for you as I know as your time draws closer... you need your rest and things become so uncomfortable.
I am praying for God's daily strength for you and Gordy.
May the Lord bless and keep you this day. We are all praying as today is important with the tube and all....
we will be waiting to see how it all goes.
your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley