Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Update on Happenings at Luke's Home

This past week we finally finished Daniel's new room. As we mentioned before we had to give Daniel's old room to Luke in order for Luke to have a room upstairs that would be convenient for the nurses and right next to our room. Daniel willingly emptied out his room and put all his belongings in storage. We are very thankful to those that came and gave of themselves to help us: Pastor Larry for framing the room and putting up the sheet rock. My father for helping us clean out the garage, hanging the door, mudding, taping, and placing all of the trim. As you can see from the list he put in many hours to this project and we will be continually be thankful for all his help. Tom who donated lumber framing and for the shed floor. Mike for taking an evening out of his very busy schedule to texture the room for us. Thom, Ben and Robert for there help with the shed on that cold and rainy day. I also want to say a big thank you to Natalie who helped paint and to Amy who helped keep the house going and watch the boys during our big project.

Some of you may be wondering where Luke's dad has been lately? He has been very busy at work and keeping track of ordering all our medical supplies, medicines and dealing with our insurance company about Lukes bills. We are so grateful that we are able to meet all the extra costs that have been incurred recently, you never realize how expensive it is having a sick child until you go through it. As I mentioned he has also been busy at his work, they recently reorganized the department he is in and he asked to step down from his high stress job as a manager and go back to being in a technical role again. While they would have been happy to keep him in a management role, they have been supportive of his desire to return to a technical role. While this might not seem like the best career move, after praying about it we are confident that this was the right thing to do for this season. He is now in the process of transitioning into his new role and this is keeps him very busy.

I am amazed at how many people tell me they try to check the blog site daily for updates and am so humbled when they tell me they are praying daily for Luke and our whole family. I always say don't give up praying for Luke, I have confidence that God will complete the work he began in Luke's life the night he brought him back to life. Please remember to keep Luke in your prayers as he goes in for his feeding tube change this Friday and also please begin to really pray that God will loosen his very tight muscles. He never completely relaxes and I can only imagine that this is probably very uncomfortable and painful for him. I do notice that when I give him a bath at night that this helps him to relax a little bit, but as you all know I am 8 months pregnant and this is becoming more uncomfortable for me each day, but I will continue on because I know that it helps him to sleep better at night. If you wake up at night and don't know why it's probably to pray for us, especially for Luke to go back to sleep.

May our gracious Heavenly Father pour out his blessings on you as you continue to keep Luke in your prayers!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Julie in NC said...

Hello Guys, Today I wanted to tell you how your family has blessed my family and me! There are many ways and I am sure that I will not be able to express them all but I am going to try!

1, Luke and your family has brought my heart closer to our Lord by crying out more and more for his healing and peace on your family.
2, Gordy you have allowed many people to see your father's heart and the love for your wife.
3, Gordy you have expressed your deep Love for Jesus that will stand on the rock and not the sand.
4, Daniel you have let me see in the future of what I pray my little boys will be.
5, Amy and Natalie, you both have stepped in and done whatever it takes to help....what a blessing you are to your parents!
6, Sue, you have been open and thought of other as your are in the hardest time of your let people that do not even know you ask questions and expose yourself...what a blessing you are to me and my family!
7, Most of all you guys have been a gift of God to me... even though we have never met, the spirit of God has so touched my heart, as if the wind has blown into my home and blessed us just by knowing your family.

Blessings, Julie

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Wow. Julie, that was an awesome thing to say...chokes me up! Thanks for being a blessing to our friends!I "second" everything you said!

I can relate to Daniel. I recently got a new room, too!As our kids have gotten a little bigger, our 3-bedroom apartment proved to be getting smaller and smaller. The 4 kids had been sharing a room (two bunkbeds!), but it was time to give our office to the girls so that the boys and girls could each have their separate rooms. Kristen's parents are going to be moving to Osaka for about 7 months (coming next month!), and they gave us the money to find them an apartment near us. We got a smaller 3-bedroom (about 650 sq. ft.) about a 3-minute walk away, so one of the rooms became our new office - "my" room! It took us a while to get the computer, phone, bookshelves, files, etc. set up, so we've been offline for awhile. That's one reason you haven't heard from us in a while. We're so glad to be able to regularly check up on Luke's progress to be able to offer informed prayers.

Blessings to you guys as you continue to trust Him for the micro- and the macro- in Luke's healing process! We're trusting Him with you, and are so encouraged to hear of the little ways in which He's answering!

Cam and Kristen

Julie in NC said...

We are praying that all will go great today! We look forward to hearing from you guys. Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Teena from GA said...

Wow, what Julie said is so true. Thank you Julie. I too, have felt drawn to cry out to the Lord more and the Searles have deeply touched our lives too!!! We too, have never met but I feel like we know one another.
My mind is so often brought to Luke and I pray pray pray.

your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael 19, Mandi 15, Dakota 11, Alyssa 7, Wyatt 2.9 yrs, Wesley 16 months

Julie in NC said...

Hello Little Luke!! What kind of things are you and Jesus talking about today! I hope your little smile is getting ready to shine for your family...I know they miss that. We are so looking forward to seeing all the new things that God is going to do for you. I know he has a great plan for your life. I look forward to the day that your body is restored! You try to relax your little body. Enjoy your family, they love you so much! Blessings, Shane, Julie & Children

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news from your family. Even tho' some of us get to see you weekly, it is impossible for you to catch us up on all the week's events. I appreciate being able to check the blog to keep up to date.
May the Lord encourage your family today with His nearness.
Love, Laura
PS We'd love to throw you a baby shower. :-)