Sunday, March 20, 2005

A busy week and a long night

Well, it has been a long night. Luke is running a fever and this causes his heart and breathing to be elevated. Sue stayed up with Luke for quite a while and now it is my turn.

Many of you are probably wondering how the Neurologist appoinment went. Well, it went okay, the Dr wants to do a 24 hour EEG to make sure Luke doesnt have any seizures before taking him off of the anti-seizure medicine. While this is not what we were hoping for, the good news is the last EEG showed no seizures. It did have a lot of activity on it that was not normal, but it didnt show any seizures. Unfortunately, we wont be able to take Luke off the medicine for a few more months, due to how long it takes to schedule the 24 hour EEG and then wait for the follow up Dr visit.

Needless to say, we were a bit disappointed after the Dr visit and so we decided to take a break from it all and go to the ocean for the afternoon. Daniel's friend Josh was visiting and he had never seen any ocean. It was cool to see Josh's face light up with excitement as he saw the Pacific ocean for the first time. We had a great time and even raced go karts.

The rest of the week has been busy with the usual PT, HBOT, work, taking care of a busy house, etc. Life flies by at 100 miles per hour and when I dont believe it, all I have to do is look at little Lilly. She is not quite so little any longer, in fact she turns 3 months today.

I have two different friends that could use your prayer. I wont go into any details, as I havent asked either one if I could share. I know if you just pray for Gordy's friends, God will know what you mean. In fact He knows better then anyone what they need. Who knows, maybe you will get blessed as you pray for Gordy's friends, because you are one of my friends :)

As always, God bless you and your family.


Teena said...

Thank you for the update. We will be praying for Luke and the fever.
Also, for the EEG coming up... that it will be great and Luke will be able to come of the seizure medicine! Our 3 little ones are running fever... I think it is a relaspe from the flu alittle over two weeks ago! I understand Sue being so tired. We are all home from church...

I am so thankful Luke had a great birthday.... we are so thankful for him and KNOW God is working miracles... one step at a time!

Wow, Lily Joy is already 3 months... I know she is such a delight!

We are still praying and love you all!

your Ga Friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Wyatt & Wesley

Pam&Hal said...

Good morning, For some reason I haven't been able to post the last few times I tried. However, I have still been checking the blog and keeping you all in my heart and prayers every day! I hope that Luke feels better very soon. I love the ocean, its vastness and its constancy. I always find peace as I walk the beach. Love to one and all. Pam

Jasmyn said...

I love how God works! At the conference this weekend we had our nightly sessions. On Saturday night's session God really put it on my heart to pray for your family and Luke in particular. It's interesting to find out that Luke had a fever and that was probably the main reason that I really felt led to pray for you. I love how God works! :-)

I hope Luke is doing better today!

Denise said...

I pray Luke is doing better. My sunday school class has been so faithful to ask how he's doing and to pray for him. Many times I don't even have to ask in prayer time to remember him because he was already asked about. Just keep us posted for the date of the EEG, as I know you will, so I can pass it on to them. And I'm glad to hear you took the day to have a break. We ALL need that from time to time but don't always remember to do that. Good for you! I know God used that as a refresher for you.

You're always in my prayers,

Loni said...

Ohhhh....I understand these disappointments. It gets wearing and makes us weary, but look for the "glimpse of eternity" and God's plans will someday be understood. Thank you for sharing.
It was good to read the update, and know how to pray.