Saturday, October 14, 2006

Let me tell you about my crazy week

Our week began on Sunday, we were finally able to go visit my Uncle and Auntie's church out in Yelm, WA. They asked us to come on numerous occasions, but it seemed that each time we planned to go Luke would get sick. It was a blessing to meet so many of their friends that pray faithfully for Luke and share a little testimony of thanks and God's healing power in Luke's life. Sunday afternoon we went to see Facing the Giants, it was the first time in forever that I can remember being so excited about seeing a movie. If you have the opportunity you should go see it, by the end of the movie I was literally sobbing it was so touching. They kept saying "nothing is impossible with God," it was refreshing to see a movie that truly gave God all the glory for the victories in this movie.

On Monday, I finally got around to testing Amy and Natalie, in the state of Washington it is law that you need to test your children once a year and we usually do this in May or June, but since we were gone on our vacation it got extremely delayed. Gordy took the day off to help watch Luke, Lily, Isaiah and Ezekiel so that we could go to my parent's home for a completely quiet place to test.

Tuesday I took Luke into to the Chiropractor/Natauropath Dr. to ask for some more help with his feedings. I left there with some much needed answers and help on feeding Luke and his feedings are going better since then. I then took Natalie, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Luke to the YMCA. I took Luke on a power walk and then we went for a swim, he seemed to really enjoy the water and the hot tub, I was able to work with his muscles he loosed up as we sat there for awhile. I left there and got home in time to take Lily to a 3:30 appt. with the Dr. She had been having a bad cough for a few days and I thought I better have it checked out, boy was I thankful I took her in the Dr. told me she had pneumonia, he checked her oxygen rate and it was low, so they gave her a breathing treatment, which brought it up and sent us home with meds. She thankfully recovered quickly and by that night was finally sleeping through the night once again without coughing.

Wednesday after taking Natalie to piano lessons and doing some much needed errands, I proceeded to pick up my sister Cindy and husband at the airport. When I got home we decided to take a trip to LA to pick up her daughter. This was very last minute but needed to be done right away, so we left at 5:30 p.m. and got to LA by 11:30 the next day, stayed for about 3 hours and then left to come home. We got home by 7:30 a.m. on Friday morning. It was a grueling 35 hour trip in the car, we both would sleep for a few hours and then press on to be home in time for Amy's Birthday.

Friday, as I mentioned was Amy's 19th Birthday, so after going to bed for about 3 hours I had to get up to get some errands done before her party. She had planned to have a photo shoot that day, but we decided to delay it until next week, I'm praying that the weather will be just a beautiful as her actual birthday was. I went to bed absolutely exhausted praying for a good nights sleep and the good Lord did bless me with a excellent sleep.

Today I once again had to get up early to go with Amy, Natalie to a beautiful Mother/Daughter Tea, one day retreat. It was a put on by the Washington Heritage Homeschool group, it was very inspiring, uplifting and at time convicting. When I got home I held Luke for about an hour and then decided to spend some time with Isaiah and Ezekiel, I needed to get gas in the van and decided to get it washed they love going through car washes and then I treated them to dinner at there favorite place to eat MacDonalds, I let them play on the big toy for awhile and then brought them home to put all the little ones to bed.

Well that pretty much somes up my crazy week, it is totally amazing to me that God has truly been my strength this week, I'm not even completely exhausted tonight and I give God all the glory for his amazing strength, one scripture I quote often is when we are weak, He is strong. God said it and I believe it!

Please keep Luke in your prayers as he is still getting over that nasty cold he caught, along with Natalie and Isaiah, who has been suffering with the same cold. May God richly bless you with good health.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


annb said...

I heard about the movie yesterday on K-Love and will be glad when I am able to see the movie myself. My prayers are with Luke and your family as I continue to lift you before our Lord.
"The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace." Psalm 29:11

Anonymous said...

It was sooooo good having you with us at our church last Sunday....and we heard again this morning "how is Luke doing?" And "we are praying for Luke (& the Searles family." The "effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much." God is at work and we THANK Him!! You are such a "special" family and we love you all very much.....hugs....Auntie 'n Uncle

teena6 said...

Dear Sue, I sit here reading and crying~ so much of what you share touches me so deeply! Billy & I went to see Facing the Giants on my birthday~ and like you I wept especially at the end! What an awesome movie. I want to take my children back.

Also how you shared telling about taking the boys for a special treat~ OURS love the car washes. I just smiled real big reading it! I so wish we lived closer!

Today we went to the pumpkin patch on a field trip and when I came home I had a wonderful precious gift in the mail from you. I *think* you will understand when I say ... it is a God thing~ the verse.... and just the timing. God is good.... all the time.

I grew tired of just reading what you did all week!

Tell Amy we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We are still trying to figure out about Mandi~ I know she would love it. :)

praying for all... especially our buddy Luke~

we love you~
your GA friends
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley

Wearfamily said...

Hey Sue and Gordy,
I have been praying for Luke since his accident. It is so good to see him smiling!!
If you are interested, I have a blog too.
Praying for Luke!!

dr_bristow said...

I have been praying for you especially, do so much, the strength God gives you is amazing. I'm also praying that God gives you rest. :)
And of course always praying for sweet Luke!