Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's the roaller coaster ride that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend! Though I will not give up hope that it will end soon

It's the roller coaster ride that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend, sometimes I think that we are getting near the end, but then we take a dip and go straight down into the valley again. All that to say Luke is sick again. Natalie got sick on Saturday night, I'm assuming she caught what the other children had last week. She is still not 100 %, though she is doing much better. Luke began to get sick yesterday, I knew when we took him for a walk with all the family he was not doing good, as the day progressed he continually got worse and worse, until this morning he was on 5 liters of oxygen and his fever hit 103.5 at one time, along with a heartrate soaring way too high.

I took him into his Pediatrician and at that time he was doing quite a bit better, he was only on one liter of oxygen and his fever was down to 100.3. The Dr. listened to his chest and said that he did not hear any bad sounds, but said we should have an X-ray done just to be sure nothing was brewing. I dread Luke getting chest X-rays, he usually ends up yelling and crying by the time they are done taking the pictures. Both the Dr. and I compared his x-ray with his last set in February and decided that it looked pretty good, that is too say good for Luke, which never has a completely clear x-ray. I was so surprised to get a call from the Dr. at dinner saying that the radiologist thinks he has pneumonia, and it looks worse than the last time. The Dr. wanted to get him started on an antibiotic right away, but I told him I didn't think the radiologist was correct since Luke was doing so much better. He is doing great tonight, only on a little oxygen and his heartrate is back to normal, with no more fever. I e-mailed his Dr. tonight asking if we could get a second opinion on the x-rays, of course I haven't heard back yet. The Dr. also wants Luke to go back to his pulmonologist to check out his x-rays to see if anything can be done to clear up his lungs. I'm not looking forward to that appt.

I've been praying for Cindy all week, hoping to hear that your pain has been getting better, also for Teena for her hard situation and for comfort as she just lost her Mom a few days ago, for Alane that her headaches will get better, and Praise God she wrote to say that they are improving and for Kris' ankles to get better. I love praying for people and enjoy hearing their answers to prayers.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video Amy put together of Luke's life in pictures. I look forward to the day that we can complete that video with his walking again. I will not and can not give up on believing that his miracle is coming soon. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, the miracles he performed in the Bible He is still does today. Don't lose hope in your situation God is a BIG God and He can do all things for those who put their faith and hope in God.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

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Anonymous said...

I truly hope that those X-rays were read wrong. That poor little guy, and you. Y'all need a break! I loved seeing those pictures on your previous posting.
Thank you so much for praying for me! It feels kinda cool to know someone out there, whom I have never met, is praying for me! {{hugs}}