Friday, May 16, 2008

Quick Update with Plea's to continue to pray

Quick update, Luke had a horrible night last night, did I say horrible! I was up until 3:30 messing with his oxygen levels, that were all over the map. This morning he is awake and doing a tiny bit better. I'm supposed to be leaving today at 11:30 for our church Women's retreat, that I have been directing and organizing with the help of some wonderful friends. I still have a bit to pull together, as I'm in charge of bringing all the food and making sure I have everything else in order for the weekend.

PLEASE PRAY: For Luke to do better, for Lily, Amy and Zeke to be 100% today, they are all doing better but weren't feeling their best last night. Also for Gordy as he is staying home by himself with all the children, for strength and extra patience as he is tired. For me that I will have the strength to not only get through this weekend, but that God would give me His amazing strength and for a peace about leaving my children home sick. For the retreat that women will be refreshed and encouraged in their walks with Christ, that GOD will do amazing things!

Thank you,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


annie said...

I'm praying!

Anonymous said...

You got it Sister Sue. May the weekend be a time for healing for your family and refreshment for you. Many blessing's, CindyLester

Anonymous said...

Sue, I am just seeing these two posts. MY computer at home is so slow... I get so fustrated. I do check at church but only once a week or so. Sometimes late at night.... it will load faster. UGH.

HOW DID THE RETREAT GO? I did a Beth Moore retreat in January. It was called "Loving Well" and I organized and planned. First time I have ever done that. God worked in a mighty way. But you know the enemy was all over it... the week before .... he did not want God to be glorified. I am waiting to hear how God worked at your retreat.

How are the children? I am praying.

Thanks for being a faithful friend, for always checking my blog. I think we are so alike... maybe one day we can meet. Even though we are coast apart.

Could you pray... for my situation. It is getting harder. I need a miracle.

Your Ga. friends~

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi!
How are the kids now? Better I pray!