Thursday, May 01, 2008

We are happy to report that Luke is laughing and smiling all the time lately!

Thank you for your patience on receiving an update about Luke. Luke has been doing amazingly well. He started laughing in a whole new way last week. Last Wednesday night I was playing with him and tickling him when he started to laugh, not just snorting like he used to do, but actually laughing. What a wonderful sound to my ears. He has been smiling more lately than I've ever seen him do before. I think it is interesting that someone recently prayed specifically that we would see more smiles and laughing and that is exactly what has happened. THANK YOU JESUS!

I took Luke into his rehab Dr. today and the Dr. was amazed at how well Luke's tone is doing. I came into his office today knowing that I wanted to try a new medication for his muscle tone. I don't think he is used to Mom's coming in with 15 pages of reasons why they want to try out a new medication, (thank you Tiffany). I mentioned to him about the fact that at Luke's last visit he made a comment that has played over and over in my head, he asked me "don't you want your child to be comfortable?" after a comment I made about how difficult it is to have a child on a medication that you have to give 3 times a day. Anyway he said that he did not mean what he said, he just always looks at how bad Luke's muscle tone is and so desperately wants to do something about it. I told him though that I thought that Luke had improved recently and he agreed with me after checking out his arms, wrists, fingers and legs. He said he was amazed that he had made such great progress without any medications, at which time I told him we pray a lot and feel that our prayers to God makes the difference. He said to keep up what we are doing since it is working. Thank you everyone that prays for Luke your prayers are making a difference.

One last thing to share with you is that when Luke went to Occupational Therapy last week, his OT was getting out some new things for Luke to play with and we told him to push the big red button and Luke did it every time. It was so wonderful to watch him look at the button and then push it every time. I know that he has done this before but I've never seen him do it so consistently.

I celebrated my Birthday yesterday and I was thinking about all the things that I'm thankful for, so I thought I would leave you with 44 things, can you guess how old I am?
I'm Thankful for: 1. My faithful Father God who never leaves me for a second, that I can trust at all times and for His son Jesus who died on the cross so that I can be saved. 2. A wonderful husband who has faithfully been my best friend for almost 25 years. 3. My oldest son Daniel, who wrote me the sweetest poem for my Birthday. 4. Amy who goes out her way to make life easier for me every day. 5. Natalie who is always by my side going the extra mile to help carry my burden. 6. Isaiah who is such a sweet little organizer. 7. Ezekiel who is always sure to give me good morning kisses and hugs. 8. Luke who has the most beautiful smile and laughter. 9. My little Lily Lou, who keeps me young. 10. My wonderful parents who are always so helpful and giving. 11. My Sister Cindy and her husband Tom, Cindy is always there when I need her no matter what time of the day I call. 12. My sister Jill and her husband John, who just moved closer and has offered on numerous times to help watch Isaiah, Ezekiel and Lily for me. 13. My sister Lori and her husband Lonnie, who is more than capable of helping me out when I'm in need a helping hand. 14. My brother Bud and his wife Lis, who is always ready to give me some advice about a new supplement or vitamin he's heard about that could help Luke. 15. My sister in law Pam and her husband Hal, who so willingly drove an hour just to come to my BUNCO Birthday party last weekend. 16. My wonderful friend Yoli and her husband Juan, who are always willing to take Luke into their home or for that matter any of my children at anytime and for her wonderful listening ear and prayers. 17. My great friend Barb and her husband Rick and her children who are always willing to babysit Luke when able to and for Barb's open ear to my cries when I'm in desperate need of prayer. 18. My friend Mary and her husband Mike, who though they live so far away are always close with a phone call and for their prayers. 19. My "adopted" son Josh, who is always willing to help out around the home and who is a mighty prayer warrior. 20. My friends Kim, Jo, Shari, Laurie, Jane, Colleen, Jackie who are wonderful at getting me out of the house every once in awhile to spend hours playing cards and laughing. 21. My friend Jeri who is always ready to pray and offer a kind word. 22. Tiffany who is amazingly smart and always willing to share with me all her new findings and for her long distant friendship. 23. My friends Andrea, Carolyn, & Laurie, though we don't see each other often, when we do I always feel encouraged when I leave. 24. My friend Susan E., you've encouraged me on numerous occasions. 25. For Teena, Julie, Loni, Annie, Jenni, Kathryn, Kehau and all my other blog friends, though I've never met you I consider you to be some great friends. 26. For all my friends at church, there are too numerous to mention them all. 27. My new friends that went with me to Romania, that trip was awesome and I'm so thankful for the time spent together with you all. 28. For Luke's laughter. 29. For Gordy's job and willingness to supply all our families now. 30. For the sunshine. 31. For our home. 32. Health, everyone is healthy in our family right now. 33. That summer is coming soon. 34. For the YMCA, thank you for your hard work. 35. For Matt the Rolfer, who is so generous and kind. 36. For Doug and Jim at HBOT, you guys are great! 37. For Luke's Dr.'s and Therapists, especially for his PT Sara, who has really gone the extra mile on numerous occasions. 38. For the ocean. 39. For my Mountain Rainier, your beauty gives me strength. 40. For hope that does not fail. 41. Popcorn and Chocolate. 42. For a wonderful report back from the Dr. about my dad's health. 43. For camera's. 44. For too many things, the list could go on and on, but I need to stop.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


annie said...

Great news! Luke is doing awesome!
Happy Birthday Suzi! I hope your day was really special.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Great news about Luke too!
Cindy. said...

I'm thankful for your blog and for how great Luke is doing!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful report.... LUKE IS LAUGHING .... PRAISE JESUS! What a great report.... I am so thankful, grateful and happy! I love your list of 44 things....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What is a BUNCO birhtday???

thanks for your prayers and friendship.

Give LUKE a hug for us. :)

our love,
Teena (and your GA friends)

dr_bristow said...

That is wonderful news about Luke! And I love your thankful list...what a great idea! Happy belated birthday! Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

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