Thursday, May 29, 2008

We are marveling at God's healing power once again!

Gordy just came into the living room a few minutes ago marveling at how well Luke is doing. God has once again heard our prayers and touched our little Lukie. As I mentioned in our last post about e-mailing Luke's Dr. about asking for a 2nd opinion of the x-ray, well he did just that and both he and the radiologist decided that Luke does not have pneumonia. I already knew that he didn't when he hasn't needed any oxygen at all since Tuesday night, and has no fever at all.

Luke has quite a few appointments next week. On Monday he has his normal PT/OT appt., then on Tuesday he has an appt. with the Pulmonologist and Thursday an appt. with his Rehab Dr. Please be praying especially for his appointment on Tuesday to go smoothly, my biggest prayer request is that the Dr. will give some new suggestions on how to get Luke's lungs cleared up, something other then suggesting a tracheotomy would be nice.

You might notice I've added a new Prayer link to Luke's blog, for the Lockwood Family. This is a dear family that I recently stumbled across, they currently are missionaries to Mexico. They have 11 children and their sweet daddy has been having some huge medical problems. Will you join with me in lifting up this dear family, they are desperate for prayers right now. Also keep Teena in your prayers as she just lost her Momma. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sue...for your prayers. Sorry I wasn't here to pray through Luke's sickness. We are heading home today... we have been here all week. We are in the motel on Mike's computer.

My sister is all alone. She is a widow, never able to have children and lived with mom/dad. Now they are gone.... and she needs Jesus.

As I drive away... my heart will hurt. :(

praying for all of you....
pray for Sharon.... (my sister)

in Him,

annie said...

I'm so happy to hear that Luke is doing well! I've been praying for him.

dr_bristow said...

I'm so glad Luke is doing so well! Praise the Lord!
Thank you so much for your prayers for me, Sue. I have only had one headache since you started praying for me!