Thursday, January 29, 2009

Luke's headed to Children's Hospital up in Seattle

Last night was another rough night! I've still been singing praises to Jesus and thanking Him for what He is doing in our lives, but I'm tired. Luke is doing a little better right now, but not as good as he was yesterday.

I just got off the phone with Luke's Pediatrician and he is sending us up to Children's Hospital in Seattle. He just got off the phone talking with one of the ENT's up there and they are saying that perhaps a IV with steroids will help take down the swelling, then they can also run blood work to see if he is fighting any infections. There are no ENT specialists at Mary Bridge in Tacoma, bummer, this will be at least a 1 hour drive in good traffic. Please be praying that Luke responds good to the steroids and this will be answer we've been needing. Also be praying for the family as we will be separated during this Hospital stay.

Peace, peace wonderful peace, that's what I need!
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Skinners said...

LORD, as Sue has asked, so let it be. We glorify You in all things LORD. Let Sue and Luke feel Your presence in the car as they go.

Love you lots and praying,
Aunt Cindy

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue... stopping and praying right now. Didn't see yesterdays update till now. I will continue to pray for Luke... lifting him and ALL OF YOU up to Jesus. Praying for wisdom for the doctors especially the ENT. Praying that the Lord will give you strength and rest as you are there with Luke.

We are all here reading and praying. May God give you peace... keep singing....

I love you.

Rachel E. said...

Praying for wisdom for the medical staff at the hospital you're going to, and for peace for your whole family during this time of separation. Thank you for continuing to share your prayer requests with all of us!

annie said...


Anonymous said...

Just checking in for an update... continuing to pray. Give him a big hug from us.

Praying praying praying......