Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Luke still needs those prayers coming his way!

Luke is still sounding absolutely horrible! I took him into the Dr. yesterday and had an x-ray done of his lungs. No pneumonia, that's good news. He sounds ok as long as we close his mouth and make him breathe through his nose. But we just can't stand by him 24/7 closing his mouth up. I looked down his throat today and it looks like it is large, but I'm not sure what normal looks like. We are tired and in much need of sleep, a day of no stress would be heavenly!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Anonymous said...

Sending prayers and hugs to all of you. Love, Pam

Jenni said...

Dear Jesus please touch Luke! It's hard on a mama having sick babies, we've all been sick around here too and now I can tell that Chris is getting it :( Bummer, we are needing him this weekend to be well so we can move stuff! Oh well, the Lord is good and He will take care of us!

Bless you Sue, I pray that Luke will get well very quickly!

Helen Baldwin said...

Hi, Suzi - I just found this blog thru Loni's Writing Canvas (I'm the one who wrote The Jeffrey Journey). Please share my email address with Joseph's family in case they don't already receive SMA-related updates and/or if they haven't already found the terrific SMA sites available.

Many hugs and prayers for you and your beautiful little guy - that Luke gets better and that you get some rest!!!


dr_bristow said...

Dear Sue,
I prayed for Luke last night when I saw this update, and I'm still praying for his speedy recovery and healing. Praying also for sweet rest for you and Gordy!
Lots of love,

annie said...

Izzy is the opposite, she won't breath through her mouth! She insists on keeping it closed and breathing through her nose so when she's congested it makes us all wish we could breath for her it's so loud. I'm sorry that Luke isn't feeling well, but thankful that he doesn't have pneumonia. I'll be praying for him and for you guys to get some rest. Sending love & hugs your way too!